Facebook Live and Instagram Live

Facebook Live Video TipsFacebook Live gained major traction in early 2016 as live videos became one of the most popular new features of the social media giant. In late November, Instagram followed in Facebook’s footsteps, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform providing live video streaming. 

Facebook Live and Instagram Live videos can create tremendous reach for your brand, and can be broadcast to users who do not follow your profile. Facebook and Instagram can also set up notifications for users to tune in to future broadcasts, substantially increasing your loyal follower base.

Facebook videos are already 4x more shareable than YouTube videos, and have up to 5x more reach than a traditional image post. Facebook videos are also incredibly cheap to market, ranging from paid distribution at $0.85 to $2. Once live stream Facebook videos are finished they are imbedded in your wall as a video and can be edited.

Instagram Live videos are shared within its Stories section and will disappear after the live stream is finished. With this in mind, choosing the right outlet for live streams will be based on your business objectives. Both networks present immense public relations opportunities for your desired brand.

Setting up a Facebook Live Stream

Setting up live video for Facebook is easy and can be accomplished from your personal profile or the Mentions tab of your business page. On your profile page simply tap the live icon in your status update and create a title for your live broadcast in the status.

The title should grab viewers attention; remember it’s about gaining new viewers and also getting the ones who already follow you to tune in. While live broadcasting, you will see the number of friends and viewers tuning in and comments in real time.

Live videos can generate more than 10x more comments than standard Facebook videos. You will also be able to decide who is able to view your live steam, and you can open this up to the public. On Facebook, there exists a specific section where viewers can watch live streams, almost like TV or Twitch, and compelling video can gather thousands of views from users who don’t necessarily follow your profile. If you are broadcasting from the Mentions tab, the process is completely the same except your broadcast will already be available to everybody.

Facebook Live allows producers to invite users to subscribe, and is an excellent medium to insert a call-to-action. It’s key to enable the follower feature on your Facebook profile and to open it up to the public as this will enable any user to follow you. Users who follow your live stream can choose to sign up for notifications the next time you live stream. This can produce tremendous reach for your videos and increase your brand exposure. With enough followers and conversation being generated, your live streams will top organic news feeds for all of your friends and followers.

Instagram Stories Video TipsFacebook Live & Instagram Live Video Strategies

Whether you’re live broadcasting on Instagram or Facebook, it’s ideal that you have a prepared list of topics or script to read from before you conduct a live broadcast. Just because you’re broadcasting over Facebook and not local cable does not mean it should be any less professional.

Mastering audio will be one of the biggest concerns in your live broadcast as lower quality phones will have traditionally worse microphone capabilities. It’s key to acknowledge your audience during the broadcast and to outline the benefits and information you will discuss during your broadcast. Dwell time will be key for live broadcasts, and will be the number one way of curating comments and conversation around your videos. Always end broadcasts with a CTA and invite users to subscribe or follow your other social media accounts or visit your website.

Once Facebook live streams are finished, they are embedded into your timeline as a video. This video can later be edited into a more marketing friendly post. Within the edit feature of a Facebook video, users will be able to choose from up to 10 different thumbnails and can change the title for greater user appeal. Users will also be able to insert a CTA, such as subscribe here, shop now, etc. Simply remaster your video and begin sharing it across other social media channels.

Cross Channel Marketing

In terms of cross-channel marketing, users can create a blog or written post to accompany their videos. This can than be embedded into other social media profiles either as a Facebook page or a share from your native website.

Unfortunately, Instagram live videos cannot be shared across other social media channels, so which platform you’ll wish to perform your live broadcasts will depend on your marketing objectives and your target audience.

Live video streams are an excellent way of conducting an ongoing video series that users are interested in. In terms of brand exposure, live video streams can be used to conduct live product demos, behind the scenes footage, an inside look at what’s happening right now at your business or any events your brand is participating in.

Live video streams are the future of social media marketing and it’s no wonder why picture sharing sites like Instagram are jumping on the bandwagon. Could we potentially see the day where  live news broadcasts and TV itself is replaced by live video streams on social media sites?