Have you ever wished you could partner with an experienced team of digital marketers who can pick apart a bad website and put it all back together again, but this time with good SEO?

That’s what you get with LSEO’s SEO consulting services. Our experts audit your site, find major errors such as broken pages and duplicate content, and correct it all for you.

In the end, our SEO strategies save your website from doing “just okay” and instead propel you to the forefront of the very audiences who need to see you.

Real-Time Reporting

Our innovative approach to regular reporting means you can always access the data that means the most to you. Using Google Data Studio, we provide you with custom dashboards that pull information directly from Google Analytics and Search Console. Jump into Data Studio anytime to check how your traffic, bounce rate, and keywords are performing.

Traffic Boosts

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we couldn’t drive more organic traffic to your website. A user-friendly site means your keyword rankings will improve and more people will find what you have to offer. A killer product or service is nothing if no one knows about it. Our SEO consulting services can help.

Keyword Targeting

Every business, even ones in the same industry, is unique in how it operates and what it values. That will be reflected in the keywords we target for you. When you partner with LSEO, you don’t get a team that simply tells you what to do. We work with you to identify the keywords that matter to you and then devise a strategy for attacking them. That way, the right audiences will know exactly what you’re about.

Strategy Transparency

Our clients often want to know how we do what we do, and we love telling them! Transparency on your account means we’ll share with you how we found your site’s errors and what we’re doing to correct them. We will also show you up-to-date performance data in addition to your live Data Studio reports so you can be involved every step of the way.

Everything we do as part of our SEO consulting services is based on hard data and our knowledge as experts. Perfecting your website’s technical SEO comes down to a handful of core issues that we have been navigating for clients for years. Our services drive actual organic results for your business. That’s the kind of partner you want for your SEO, and LSEO is happy to assist.

What’s Included in Our SEO Consulting Services?

On-Page Optimization

We’ll optimize your headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions and eliminate any duplicate content to bump your rankings.

Keyword Usage

How you use keywords and anchor text on a page is important. We’ll optimize your web pages for the right use of keywords.

Internal Linking

Your web pages need to share authority among themselves. LSEO will ensure your anchor text is linking to all the appropriate supporting pages.


Nobody likes getting 404 errors, our clients least of all. Let us redirect your broken pages to improve your site’s user experience and help your rankings.

Google My Business

Does your business have brick-and-mortar locations? Our SEO site auditing will ensure your Google My Business profile is accurate so your customers can find you.