What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is one particularly effective form of paid media marketing that the LSEO team would love to help your business to deploy online.

But an ad performs well only if it is done correctly. Let’s face it: no one wants to see ads that are entirely irrelevant to their interests.

LSEO is happy to partner with businesses that want to benefit from our display advertising services. It takes time and effort to get these ads right. We are here to help.

So, what is display advertising, and how can it help grow your business’s online presence?

Display advertising uses images, videos, and text to market a business’s products or services. Anyone who regularly uses the internet is probably familiar with display ads. You might see a long display ad going down the sidebar of an article you’re reading, or even a short video ad between paragraphs. Display advertising is also enormously popular on social media platforms.

The idea here is that the ads will be relevant to the audiences that see them. The ads should entice users to click them and be taken to a business’s landing page, where the users can buy something or complete a contact form.

Digital marketers use publishers such as the Google Display Network and social media sites to create these ads and then place them where users can see them.

The key to creating effective display ads is to perform audience research and target the advertisements to the correct demographics.

All of this research and creation is included in LSEO’s display advertising services. Our team combines paid media expertise with a focus on our clients to generate display advertising campaigns that convert above all else.

The Different Types of Display Ads

There is no one-size-fits-all mindset in display advertising. Different audiences respond uniquely to the various types of display ads. We’ll cover the main types of ads here.

Traditional Display Ads

Traditional display ads are the meat and potatoes of display advertising. They’re the ones you are most likely to see hanging around on a web page. These ads usually consist of images, text, and a call to action. They can be square or rectangular.

Responsive Display Ads

Meanwhile, responsive display ads change their look and form based on what the advertising platform has determined to be best for this or that audience. The content essentially remains the same, but the colors and presentation might change in different contexts.

Retargeting Display Ads

Retargeting display ads are placed so they can be seen by users who visited the advertiser’s website but did not make a purchase or complete a form. The ad retargets these individuals, hoping to draw them back in to finish what they started.

Native Ads

Another type of display ad is a native ad, which is created to look like the content of the website where it is placed. Users might have to look closely to spot native display ads, since they tend to blend in easily.

Social Media Ads

As their name implies, social media ads are display ads found on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Social media ads usually fit into the interests of the user and change their format depending on the platform and where they appear.

Discovery Ads

Finally, discovery ads depend more on graphical artistry to draw in users. Images in these ads will advertise products, websites, and other properties. They are meant to look interesting enough to get users to click them.

How to Target with Display Ads

We mentioned above that the correct kind of targeting is necessary to get display ads right, and that this is a basic component of LSEO’s display advertising services. Let’s explain more about how we target for display ads.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting matches display ads to users based on the users’ browsing history online. The user’s keywords and previously visited websites help the advertising platform to decide which ads to show which people.

Interest Targeting

Interest targeting allows ad platforms to show display ads based on how groups of audiences have been searching for things. The subjects that a custom audience has been searching for online determines which display ads those audiences will see.


As we mentioned above, remarketing, or retargeting, helps ad platforms to show display ads to users who visited certain websites and did not complete a desired action. The remarketing helps to bring these people back to those sites.

Why You Should Partner with LSEO for Display Advertising

LSEO’s display advertising services are built just for you, the client. When you work with us, we become not just your agency, but your digital partner.

Here are other great reasons to work with us.

Engaging Creative

The core of display advertising is attracting users to click an ad. Our paid media team knows how to get creative and create engaging ad content for the customers you want.

Accurate Targeting

We use hard data to target exactly those people who are likely to use your products or services. Accurate targeting means you don’t waste any of your PPC budget on irrelevant audiences.


Entrusting LSEO with your display advertising puts your business in the best position to grow. We use cost-efficient advertising methods to generate impressive ROI for you.

Daily Monitoring

We monitor your display ads’ performances to see how they’re doing and if we need to change anything. You can be sure your ad budget is always in good hands with us.