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Have you ever noticed those advertisements that appear above search results on Google or other search engines? If you have, then you are already familiar with pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. You may have seen these kinds of PPC ads for years and never realized it.

So, what exactly is PPC, and why do business owners love it so much? Pay-per-click is an online advertising method in which advertisers pay the ad publisher each time a consumer clicks on one of their ads. PPC advertising is often highly competitive, with multiple businesses within an industry always vying for the top few spots on the SERPs. This is why, if you are looking to earn some serious attention online and beat out your competitors, finding an exceptional PPC agency is absolutely necessary.

LSEO’s suite of local digital marketing services includes PPC advertising that is tailored to you, the customer. 

Want to learn more about PPC advertising with LSEO? Some education in this area will be useful, so you can fully understand the benefit of using PPC ads to drive website traffic and sales.

How a PPC Agency Impacts Your Ad Campaign

As one of the most direct and effective digital advertising techniques, PPC advertising provides businesses with ample online opportunities for attracting customers who are ready to buy a product or pay for a service. The traffic a business draws in from PPC ads could be the difference between flat sales and a revitalized revenue stream.

Here we discuss some of the major benefits of using PPC ads to get ahead in your digital marketing campaign.

1.) PPC Ads Appear in High-Traffic Areas

  • PPC advertising typically manifests as paid search ads. These appear on SERPs when people perform commercial search queries, such as by looking for a certain article of clothing to buy or a lawyer to hire. After performing the search, a user will see multiple ads for various products or services. While scrolling through the results, people will see an ad for your business, perhaps with an image and link to an item if the search was for something purchasable. This ad was designed to draw attention. Your business can even have paid search ads appear on social media sites such as Facebook. That tech giant is an optimum advertising platform because it provides digital marketers with a wealth of analytics data that can be used to tailor paid ads for specific audiences. And, of course, tracking an ad’s performance is easy through Facebook’s “Insights” tool.

2.) PPC Ads Improve Local Search Opportunities

  • Local businesses need to target local customers. Online users who search for commercial terms and see a business’s PPC ad can click on the advertisement to view the establishment’s location. As mentioned, the call extension allows customers to contact the company directly if they are using a mobile device. Accurate addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information in the ad’s extensions will ensure that customers wishing to visit the business’s location can easily find it and possibly make a purchase. That is PPC advertising in action.

3.) PPC Ad Elements Are Highly Relevant

  • PPC ads are composed of a variety of parts, including location and call extensions, product and seller ratings, site links, and Google applications. Location extensions provide customers with location data about your business, which allows you to establish connections with local customers. Call extensions present customers with your business’s phone number in case they need to contact you with questions.Product and seller ratings display information about the quality of a product and customer reviews of transactions to acquire that product. These serve different purposes. Seller ratings reveal how much customers love working with a business, while product ratings focus on the individual items being sold. This information can help potential new customers to decide whether they want to make a purchase based on what they have seen in the ad.Finally, the PPC ad’s site link directs consumers to a business’s website. Here, it is vital that your company has options for both a desktop and mobile version to ensure that customers can access your site no matter what kind of device they use.

4.) PPC Generates More Qualified Leads

  • For smaller businesses, especially, PPC ads can be quite beneficial. They can be introduced without eating up too much of an advertising budget and lead to more qualified sales leads.That is because the ads are designed specifically to cater to audiences’ interests. Creating relevant ads involves being strategic with the ad’s content and use of keywords. The right ad copy and keywords will ideally lead to heightened levels of brand engagement among consumers. Knowing what previous ads and keywords searchers have responded to enables advertisers to create new ads that will bring consumers back to a site to make further purchases.When you purchase PPC advertising through LSEO, you enable us to measure every aspect of your PPC ad campaigns, including the number of clicks, the cost per click, and how many sales are coming from these clicks. This allows you, the client, to make better use of your ad budget and find ways to improve results over time.

5.) Reduce Advertising Costs

  • It may sound counterintuitive, but PPC ads can actually aid in dividing up a business’s finances among different advertising campaigns. PPC advertisements require users to pay a certain sum of money each time a consumer clicks on an ad. But advertisers can place caps on the number of clicks allowed in a campaign, ensuring the business does not spend more than intended.Having a hard limit on PPC ad spend lets businesses control their budgets and allot different funds to other types of online marketing.

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Dynamic Paid Media Optimization ServicesLaunching your PPC campaign can be a breeze. Our paid media optimization specialists set up and manage our clients’ PPC ad campaigns every day. Paid search ads appear exactly where your customers spend the most time and where all the high-quality sales leads are searching: Google, Facebook, and a host of other search engines and social media platforms. Showing up in all the right places while utilizing relevant keywords and ad copy makes PPC one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing for just about any business.
Maybe you’ve been searching for just the right kind of PPC agency to manage your pay-per-click ads. If it’s skillful paid media advertising you need, LSEO has the answer. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business grow.

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