PPC Campaigns that Deliver Real Results

A truly optimized PPC campaign can land you significant returns on your investments. If you’ve heard good things about the power of PPC advertising and want to try it for yourself, let LSEO be your PPC agency and partner.

For those who need to know more, let’s get into some details.

What Is PPC Advertising?

To start, businesses should know that PPC advertising is simply one of many models of online advertising. “PPC” stands for “pay-per-click,” meaning a business pays an advertising platform for each time a user clicks on one of the ads the business has placed on the platform.

While the pay structure of PPC ads is certainly important for any business looking for a hefty ROI, the purpose of PPC advertising is to present online users with relevant advertisements for the terms they use to search. One can see PPC ads on advertising platforms such as Google or another search engine or on social media, where the ads are relevant to the content a user usually views.

Now that you know what PPC advertising is, you might be wondering how it’s done the right way.

Take it from an experienced PPC agency such as LSEO: if it was easy to assemble a killer PPC campaign, everyone would be doing it. Sure, you stand to make a few hundred percent ROI on your PPC campaigns, but that kind of figure is generally reserved for the campaigns that get everything correct and know how to tweak things over time.

Once again, let our experience help you. Our paid media team consists of experts in PPC advertising. We know all the necessary steps to take, including:

Keyword research

With PPC advertising, we have to bid on keywords to get your ads to appear on Google and elsewhere. Selecting the most appropriate keywords takes a shrewd marketing sense, since we have to marry topical relevance to cost-effectiveness.

Engaging ad text

It isn’t enough to have a PPC ad match a searched keyword. The copy must be interesting enough to make a user want to follow through and click the ad. LSEO’s paid media team works with our clients to determine what is best for them, but we also love putting our creativity to good use here.

Ad extensions

Some advertising platforms, Google chief among them, allow digital marketers to incorporate ad extensions in their PPC ads. These extensions allow us to include links to different pages of your website or a phone number users can dial during your actual working hours.

What to Look for in a Good PPC Agency

When you’re looking for a PPC agency you can work with potentially for years, you want more than just skill. LSEO’s paid media team knows all the ins and outs of developing a strong PPC campaign from scratch and putting it to work for you, but in our eyes, a good relationship goes beyond that.

Our agency is client focused. We go into every account with the mindset that your success as a business is our success as an agency.

How does that translate in the real world? It means we listen to your ideas and needs and present PPC solutions that we know will give you the best chance of making a robust ROI. It means we are available when you need us to make a change, pause your ads, or start something new.

If you are trusting us to create the best PPC ads we can for your business, then we owe you that kind of flexibility. LSEO wants to be there for your business when you need us.

We’d say these are the kinds of things to look for in a good PPC agency.

Why You Should Hire a PPC Agency

Launching your PPC campaign can be a breeze. Our paid media optimization specialists set up and manage our clients’ PPC ad campaigns every day. Paid search ads appear exactly where your customers spend the most time and where all the high-quality sales leads are searching: Google, Facebook, and a host of other search engines and social media platforms.

Showing up in all the right places while utilizing relevant keywords and ad copy makes PPC one of the most reliable forms of digital marketing for just about any business.

Maybe you’ve been searching for just the right kind of PPC agency to manage your pay-per-click ads. Whether you don’t have the knowledge or the time to manage this on your own, don’t worry.

If it’s skillful paid media advertising you need, LSEO has the answer. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your business grow.

Why You Should Partner with LSEO for PPC Advertising

You now know about how PPC campaigns work and why you might want to hire an agency to manage your PPC advertising. So, why should you partner with LSEO for your PPC needs?

Increased Sales & Business

Our PPC ads have returned massive profits to our clients. We can create the same winning campaigns for your business.

Brand Awareness

You need to get your business’s name out there as much as possible. The right kinds of PPC ads will hit home with your audiences, and people will remember your name.

Positive ROI

LSEO’s paid media team knows how to pull together all the best practices of PPC advertising to make your ads work for you and deliver you profits many times what you spent.

Creative Ads

In PPC advertising, the most creative, eye-catching ads win the day, and those ads are exactly what we produce for our clients on a daily basis.