What Is Content Marketing?

Content has been king in SEO since the beginning.

SEO-optimized content is the beating heart of any website that wants to dominate the search engines. Quality content marketing brings in users and nurtures them through their buying journeys.

That’s always been the case.

Today, your customers will still find you through high-quality blog posts and product descriptions.

The nature of content marketing has changed, though.

SEO content today is rich, detailed, and responsive to modern user trends.

It includes multimedia such as optimized images, videos, infographics, and interactive elements.

These components get content found on today’s SERPs. That’s because infographics, videos, and quizzes keep users on the page for longer, getting them closer to taking action. That increased time tells Google this content is worth ranking.

Most importantly, this kind of rich content is what will make your business stand out from your competitors so your target audience finds you first.

Why Choose LSEO’s Content Marketing Services?

LSEO is at the forefront of modern content marketing. Our content process provides enterprise-level solutions so you know we can oversee your content strategy from top to bottom. To put it plain and simple, we create content that allows users to enter the funnel and ultimately convert.

Our SEO specialists join forces with our team of professional writers to generate original, optimized SEO content that’s designed for more organic visibility and conversions.

LSEO’s track record of success for our clients speaks for itself. If you’re interested in learning why so many enterprise businesses trust our content marketing services, reach out today.

Start Your Content Marketing Journey

Content Marketing for the Modern Business

LSEO’s reputation as the industry’s most trusted content marketing agency extends from our founder, Kris Jones.

Kris himself is a best-selling author who has kept his finger on the pulse of the digital marketing space for decades. Together with our in-house experts, Kris has developed LSEO into a true enterprise solution for all your content marketing needs.

Here’s What you Get with LSEO’s Content Marketing Services

Competitive Analysis
You and your industry competitors are likely trying to rank the same types of content. We start by analyzing your content’s keyword rankings against those of your competitors so we can see where things stand and where your greatest content opportunities still lie. After all, keywords are the foundation of any good content marketing strategy.
Topic Generation and Content Calendar
Based on the competitive keyword analysis that we perform, we generate a content calendar containing topics for each stage of the content marketing funnel. Content won’t rank well if it can’t interest its intended audience. We look at the intent behind each keyword target when we generate topics so your content is always engaging.
Fine-Tuned Content Creation & Existing Content Optimization

We create content for you based on keyword intent and audience. The purpose of the piece will inform what type of content is best, such as long-form blog posts, infographics, or fact-finding surveys or quizzes. We optimize all of our content for SEO so it includes proper heading structures, interlinking, accompanying photos, calls to action, and technical SEO - everything it will need for optimum E-A-T scores and organic performance.

Unoptimized content won’t drive organic traffic to your business. LSEO can optimize your existing content as if it were brand new, adding more substance, internal links, photos, and all-around ranking juice. This is one effective way our experts can augment your in-house team.
Content Reporting
We track and report on all the content we produce for you. By analyzing monthly data metrics such as new users, bounce rates, and time spent on the page, we learn from the campaign and adjust our approach where needed.