What Is Content Marketing?

From a certain perspective, SEO and everything it entails comes down to content marketing. We optimize a website’s technical SEO and backlink profile so that Google will be more likely to pick up the site’s content and show it to users.

The truth is, many businesses lack the time to create this content themselves. When you hire an agency of professionals to provide you with content marketing services, you can be confident that your web content is expertly crafted to help your website rank.

The straightforward definition of SEO content marketing is that it is the creation of web content designed to generate organic traffic from search engines.

However, content marketing is more nuanced than that narrow description. Content creation for the sole purpose of ranking on Google would be pointless if the content was not useful to the people who actually consume it.

The content you write for your website should answer questions about your business or overall industry. Your content should address real queries that people have been asking online. When you use LSEO’s content marketing services, you get SEO experts who employ topic-research tools to find the most appropriate content subjects for you.

The correct topics are among the most important elements of effective SEO content, but there are plenty of others, too.

For instance, the modern Google uses an E-A-T score to rank the usefulness of a web page. E-A-T stands for “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.” SEO content plays a large part in telling Google if a web page is worthy of ranking.

Whether we are discussing a service page, blog post, or other type of website content, the information must be original, factually accurate, and rich in detail. The content should also be written in a natural way, as a human being would speak and write.

The final core component of strong SEO content marketing is that the content itself should be optimized with the correct keywords. SEO keywords inserted into content tell Google what the page is basically about. The idea is to choose relevant, high-volume keywords for the content so that both the search engines and online users find your content.

At LSEO, we start with keyword research for each of our clients. This way, when it comes time to write your content, we know exactly which search terms to target.

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Why Does Your Website Need Optimized SEO Content?

Google’s reason for existing is to gather, organize, and present useful information on the internet for the billions of people who use the search engine daily. That information exists in the form of web content.

But not just any web content will do. The information you create for your website must be optimized for SEO, or it will not stand out among the billions of other sites vying for Google’s attention.

Content that has even a chance of ranking well, and getting your business found online, must contain the proper topic research, comprehensiveness, keywords, headings and subheadings, and natural language usage.

It’s often difficult for business owners to learn about SEO content marketing themselves and then find the time to create their content, all while running their companies.

That’s why so many businesses turn to SEO agencies such as LSEO. We have the knowledge and experience to generate SEO content that can get your website ranked and your business found by all the right people online.

Why Choose Our Content Marketing Services?

Anyone can write web content, but not everyone can do it well or up to the standards of today’s Google. When it comes to your business’s digital marketing strategy, you shouldn’t trust anyone else but the industry professionals.

Here are some elements you get when you use LSEO for your SEO content marketing.

Professional Writers

Our content team is staffed with professional writers who bring together their advanced writing skills with all the best practices of SEO to produce rich content for your website. With SEO content today, strong writing matters, and our team has the experience and skills necessary to do it the right way.

Extensive Research

If you want Google to assign good E-A-T scores to your web pages, then your content must be detailed, comprehensive, and correct. Our content writers research your business, your industry, and the topic in question so that the content we produce is up to your standards and primed to rank.

Creative Topic Generation

Not even the best research and writing will make a difference for you if the topics of your content don’t resonate with audiences. At LSEO, we use SEO tools that tell us what topics your audiences want to know about, and then we craft content around those topics. With this approach to a content marketing strategy, we keep the content-writing process laser-focused and efficient.

Gain More Traffic

The ultimate goals of all this are to get more traffic to your website and then turn those visitors into customers. SEO-optimized content gives you the best chance of ranking on Google in positions where people can find you. Once on your site, people will read your content to determine if they can trust you before doing business with you. If your content is authoritative, then the traffic you’ve generated is more likely to want to work with you. That’s SEO content marketing in action.