WordPress Website Design Company

Setting you up with a website that will perform to modern standards and do exactly what you need it to do is paramount to us at LSEO. We don’t just churn out websites to hold your content. We deliver fast, reliable, SEO-optimized, and technologically advanced websites that will serve your business online to their greatest potential.

When those are your criteria, then you need nothing other than a WordPress site. No other platform compares to what WordPress allows us to do for you. It’s stocked with plugins and convenient features for us and quick and easy user navigability for all your customers.

When you know the power of WordPress and are looking for a reliable WordPress website design company to help you make the leap, look no further than LSEO.

Why You Should Use WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms for getting businesses into the online world, especially if they have never had a site before. WordPress offers designers a robust system of features, including various plugins, customizable designs, and built-in blog pages. One of the platform’s finest elements is that it does not require HTML editing software, which allows anyone with the desire to hop onto WordPress and begin creating pages.

Our WordPress designers at local digital marketing agency LSEO can create you a website that will help your business take off. A good WordPress site taps into the overall feel and message of a company, ensuring customers stay on your pages longer and become more likely to engage with you. LSEO’s web design services will produce an attractive and professional site for your business so you start gaining a larger audience online.

How Web Designers Build WordPress Sites

So, how can a high-quality WordPress website enhance your brand? It uses a healthy blend of visual design and technical elements to make it easy for customers to navigate your pages.

Have a look at the points below to learn how an experienced WordPress web design agency such as LSEO builds engaging websites for our clients.

Create a Theme for Your Website

Our web designers take the time to learn about your business before building your WordPress site. Information about your services and brand messaging, as well as any existing website content, will inform how a designer creates the theme of your new website. Typically, a theme involves a certain set of fonts, typefaces, color schemes, and other site aesthetics. WordPress offers plenty of features for structuring a web page through theme templates. Many of the platform’s templates go for professional looks that include minimalist and unobtrusive design. Having an attractive, clean-looking site is vital. Customers will overlook a website with even the best-written content if it is not visually appealing. The right kind of WordPress theme will also not overload your home page with content, since most online users prefer to digest information presented in lists, bullets, and short paragraphs.

Implement Consumer-Friendly Navigation

Making your WordPress easy to explore for average consumers is crucial. Some tips to bear in mind include keeping your most relevant pages accessible in at least two clicks and including “About” and “Contact” pages. WordPress even offers a feature that prevents users from getting lost on your site as they are going from page to page. Essentially, it is like a “breadcrumb trail” that reveals customers’ locations while on your website. Backtracking to a page they were on recently is made straightforward and simple. A few other tools designers can incorporate into your business’s WordPress are hamburger menus, ghost buttons, stick-to-top menus, and drop-down boxes. Our web designers can implement these techniques to ensure customers stay on your website due to the ease of navigating it.

Incorporate Call-To-Action Buttons

If your business wants to increase web conversions, utilizing call-to-action buttons is the way to go. It is generally advisable to add these buttons to a landing page so customers can buy something that they have been reading about on your site. Call-to-actions buttons should employ language that creates a sense of urgency. Phrases such as “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” work well here. The buttons should also be designed to be the boldest and most noticeable elements on the page. This will encourage users to take the initiative and do something, which will increase the number of conversions generated from your website.

Pay Attention to Technical Details

Of course, the visual elements of a WordPress site are only one part of an overall successful website. The technical aspects matter, too, because a website bogged down with back-end problems will not attract an audience for you. One important technical component of any good WordPress website is loading speed. If your pages take too long to open, users will lose interest in the website altogether. Knowledgeable WordPress designers know how to decrease page-load time by minimizing the amount of content per page and optimizing on-site images to be smaller but still high resolution. All of this will speed up the website without sacrificing quality. A faster website, with orderly and uncluttered content and navigation, is far more likely to keep users engaged.

Assist with Site Maintenance

Our web designers still aren’t finished after we complete the layout of your WordPress site. Consistent maintenance is necessary to keep your website up to date. Maintenance checks for WordPress sites are directed primarily toward refreshing or adding further content to clean and liven up the site’s design and navigability. Sometimes, designers just have to examine a site from a user’s perspective to see what can be improved. Anyone who uses the internet regularly knows almost instantly when they come across a website element that simply does not work from a visual or navigability perspective. LSEO’s designers only have to give an existing WordPress site a once-over to notice any deficiencies. This kind of attention will ensure your website is looking its best and that customers are always able to access newly added information.

Why You Should Choose LSEO to Build Your WordPress Site

The right kind of website is just as important for a business as the SEO-optimized content that goes onto it. When you’re looking for a WordPress website design company, go with one that knows how to construct WordPress sites that incorporate visuals, content, and SEO into one seamless blend that keeps users on the page.

We do this for our customers every day, helping them to stand out and grow in their industries.

Over 100 Headings

We have well over 100 examples we can show you of WordPress sites we have designed to this point. Sometimes, seeing what designs have worked for other businesses can help you settle on what you want for your own site.


There is no “one size fits all” in our WordPress design. Every client is different and wants different things. Presenting 10 brands requires 10 approaches. Our team isn’t afraid to get creative to come up with a WordPress design that works for you specifically.

SEO optimized

WordPress sites are friendly to SEO on their own, with plenty of plugins at the ready for you to check your site’s SEO settings and much more. Our web designers always have SEO in mind when laying out your site, from the main navigation to the placement of your content. Starting on day one of your build, we design you a user-friendly website that’s made to serve your customers.

Well Maintained

The best websites can quickly become outdated if you don’t keep up with them. We don’t send this work out to anyone else to do: we maintain your website ourselves to ensure everything is up to date and still working as well as it did when we finished it.