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Our technical SEO services are designed to help your website rank higher by improving functionality, complying with Google’s best practices, and making your website responsive across different devices and web browsers.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is comprised of five major components:

Technical SEO primarily refers to the optimization of backend functionality, web indexation, and the responsiveness of a website across multiple devices.

There are a number of tools that can help you audit your technical SEO presence, although the expertise of a SEO consultant and web developer will provide you with in-depth look at what issue could be impacting your website’s rank and functionality.

1. Crawl Indexation Data

First things first, opening up crawl paths for search engines to index your web pages and get them ranked is critical for SEO success. Using a variety of third-party and webmaster tools, we can analyze your crawl budget data in aggregate to examine what pathways search engines have to crawl your site and any errors blocking their paths.

We can determine any errors that occur using Google Search Console ‘Crawl Error Reports.’ The most common errors we find with sites include:

Our crawl reports will also show us whether any pages are prevented from being indexed due to:

Furthermore, our crawl will also identify any on-page backend elements, such as JavaScript and Flash that are preventing indexation or harming rank.

Other errors our crawl report will identify are any broken links (external/internal), pages that are being 302 redirected, pages that are redirected multiple times, 404 page errors, and whether or not all pages have a uniform SSL certification.

These errors can mostly be resolved by addressing the issue directly and submitting a new XML sitemap to Google Search Console.

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2. Server Configuration

Through our technical audit, we will also identify any server configuration issues that are causing server errors during our crawl or impacting page speeds. Once these errors are identified, you can contact your web hosting service and have them rectify this.

3. Page Speed

Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights we can provide a cumulative report of the load times of individual pages. From here, we can diagnose and resolve individual problems that are impacting page speeds. The most common errors and fixes include:

4. User Experience (UX)

Using Google Analytics and our own heatmap data, we can analyze the behaviour flow of users who land on your site. From here, we can create a report outlining recommendations for top level funnel changes that make more sense for visitors and reduce bounce rates.

We can also install tracking pixels that help you track the success of campaigns from Facebook, Google AdWords, or even organic search.

5. Internal Linking

Aside from resolving issues with redirects, SSL uniformity, and broken links, we can also provide a high level report of recommended internal linking strategies that can boost the flow of authority and traffic through your site. This involves internal links from:

6. Mobile Friendliness

LSEO can also provide technical fixes related to your mobile presence. This includes page speed issues, CSS rendering issues, and even recommendations of where content can be optimized.
Lacking a mobile site? Don’t worry we provide mobile web design services, including:

7. Content

Duplicate content is one of the most common errors affecting any site over fifty pages large. Duplicate content can be attributed to many causes:

Canonical tags and implementing a noindex tag can help resolve duplicate content issues that could be cannibalizing your keyword rank.
Our comprehensive content audit can also provide on page recommendations related to the structure, grammar, and quality of content. Some alternative on-page and off-site elements we can resolve related to your content include:

8. Structured Data

Schema markup and JSON-LD codes share a library of common vocabulary that helps search engines understand the intent and purpose of page even more easily. As a technical SEO agency, LSEO can help you diagnose structured data errors and implement new codes to improve page rankings.  

9. Image Optimization

Services include:

10. Multi-Language Sites

With the implementation of the hreflang tag and self-referential canonical tags, LSEO can help you display the right web page for users who speak a different language and are from a different country. This was you will always display the right ccTLD for any visitor internationally, delivering the best user experience possible.

11. Site Migration

Our enterprise and small startup package enables you to successfully migrate your site to a new domain or CMS. We can handle all design aspects of the redesign and implement the redirects of all URLs from the old domain to the new domain.

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