What Is Technical SEO?

When we say that we can improve your website’s SEO, we’re referring to every well-known best practice that is designed to move your business up the rankings. Of course, SEO encompasses a variety of areas, each of which has its own focus.

You may have heard “technical SEO” mentioned as part of the strategy for fixing up your website for the search engines. It’s actually one of the most important parts of SEO. What’s interesting, however, is that, when your site’s technical SEO is updated–when you’re mobile friendly and showing Google all your pages and so on–you don’t even notice it’s there.

But when something goes wrong with your technical SEO, you’ll watch your rankings plummet lower and lower, as Google decides you are no longer presentable to users.

First, let’s learn about what technical SEO entails.

To the newcomer, technical SEO can seem involved and confusing, but it really comes down to identifying and correcting problems within your website’s structure.

Separate from content marketing, link building, and other distinct branches of SEO, technical SEO refers to all the nuts and bolts of optimizing your site to be crawled by Google’s search bots.

Think about it this way: the modern Google has technical standards that a website must meet if you want that site to rank well. Google isn’t going to serve up just any website to users. The site must signal to Google that it meets the requirements of a useful website.

Start Technical SEO

Strong ranking factors include:

Website security

SSL certificates encrypt and protect your site’s data.

XML sitemaps

These organize your site’s URLs so search engines can crawl them easily.

Site speed

A fast website will only help you prove to Google that you are worthy of ranking.

Duplicate content

Google penalizes sites with duplicate content because of the ways that repetition can confuse or deceive users.

Robots.txt files

These are used to tell web crawlers to stay out of certain areas of a site.

Image alt text

This is that brief description of an image that tells a crawler a little more about the subject of a web page.

Internal and external links

These point users and crawlers to different URLs on the internet, and if they’re broken, users have a diminished experience on your site.

We look at plenty of other technical SEO issues for our clients, but this list gives you an idea of the important areas we focus on when we’re optimizing a website.

Why Your Website Needs Technical SEO

Think of technical SEO as one of the main gatekeepers standing between your website and a good Google ranking. The other gatekeepers include authoritative content, intuitive web design, and a strong backlink profile.

You have to do fairly well in all these areas if you want to rank. If your content is awesome and everything looks good visually, but your technical SEO is severely lacking, Google will not treat your site favorably. As a result, the customers you want to reach will never find you.

Allowing proper crawling and indexing is the answer. It’s all about the user experience. Fixing your technical SEO will signal to Google that your site is ready to present visitors with a good experience.

Why Choose Our Technical SEO Services?

If you are not experienced in the more technical aspects of websites or how SEO works, you might get caught up with digital marketing agencies offering you quick and easy SEO. At LSEO, we take the time to deliver outstanding products to you. Results for your business are all that matter to us.

Our technical SEO services are unique in that we do as much of it manually as we can and explain everything to you as we go. We want you to trust that your business is in the best hands.


The LSEO team has a combined 20+ years of experience providing technical SEO services for brands and sites that have generated more than $1 million annually in organic revenue. You wouldn’t want just anyone working on your technical SEO. You want the pros.

Manual Approach

We always take the manual approach with technical SEO. Nothing we do is automated. Our SEO experts inspect every corner of your website themselves so we can be sure we are fine-tuning it all correctly.

Real Recommendations

When we consult with you on your site’s technical SEO, we suggest real changes that should be made to improve your rankings. We do not clutter your reports with filler text about irrelevant issues. Every site is different and will need different technical changes.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you sign on with us for technical SEO services, we assign you a dedicated account manager. That manager is an SEO expert who will take the time to get to know your business, recommend the best technical updates for your website, and answer all your questions.