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In today’s world, paid online media has changed the way marketers used to think about advertising spend. Newspapers, television, and radio can offer visibility but are very difficult to target effectively, leading to an unknown amount of advertising dollars being wasted on impressions to unqualified audiences.

Online Advertising – Pay Per Click and Paid Social Media Management

Google AdWords - PPC AdvertisingPPC (pay-per-click) advertising has become one of the go-to “pull” marketing mechanisms, since it enables advertisers to place related product messaging directly in front of people performing actual searches. Additionally, these mostly qualified visitors can also be re-targeted using messaging that builds upon previous exposure to your brand. Furthermore, AdWords Professionals like LSEO can help you get the highest possible position on Google at the lowest possible price through a process called Quality Score Optimization. You can get more information about our PPC management processes on our Paid Research and Strategy page.

Social Media Marketing Services

Paid Media - SocialGetting in front of web surfers using social media marketing is now a pay-to-play environment, unless a Brand is fortunate enough to have a strong fan base that already engages with its social media content. Our sponsored social media advertising, leveraging the most appropriate social networks for the particular industry, allows marketers to target specific audiences through a number of ways. Learn more about targeting methodologies on our paid social media advertising page.

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LSEO offers a second opinion to marketers that are unsure they are getting value from their paid media efforts. Our PPC audit process is quick and will include specific actionable tasks to improve your campaigns in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. While our Paid Social Media campaign audits grade your performance and provide recommendations to improve Facebook and other paid social media marketing efforts.

For business owners and marketing teams looking to outsource the entire campaign strategy, launch, management, and ongoing reporting – we offer best-in-class paid media campaign management, across search and social.

Please navigate deeper into this section to learn why our process is different from the rest – we truly care about our clients’ conversion and sales or lead generation goals, and our analysts and management team constantly looks for ways to streamline cost per sale.

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