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– Marketing Manager, Real Estate Investors

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Experience In PPC Marketing Since Its Inception.

LSEO is an award winning, full service digital marketing company specializing in online advertising for B2B and B2C companies.Our team of experts are led by industry veteran Kristopher Jones, who has had experience in PPC marketing since its inception.

Being regular contributors to Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Forbes, Clutch, and Marketing Land, we not only follow the best practices for conversion optimization, we established them! Many people turn to LSEO for paid media advertising in order to get traffic to their site fast and get sales early in startup.


2016 US Search Award Winner

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

LSEO offers pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising over the Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini networks. If you’ve previously advertised over any network then we can share and integrate that information for our own campaign setup.

What separates LSEO from the composition is our granularity and results driven approach to advertising. We provide full reports of all relevant KPIs, including CPA, CPC, and revenue numbers to calculate what return your getting with LSEO. The first month of your engagement with LSEO will consist of keyword research, landing page creation, and account setup.

Keyword research is conducted using Google’s Keyword Planner, as well as any relevant suggestions from the client, account history, and SEO staff.

After that, we will begin with the campaign launch and monitoring. Campaign optimization and changes will be based on:

  • Results in real-time
  • Seasonality
  • The addition of negative keywords to filter results
  • Monitoring of competitor bids
  • Client recommendations

As an Adwords account manager or Google Ads account manager, we will provide strategic direction and complete management over your account.

Our clients love PPC advertising because it generates results, brings people to your website, and meshes well with your existing organic SEO campaign.

Display Advertising

To further increase the reach of your ads, the Google Display Network and Bing Display Network allow you to advertise display or banner ads directly on websites.

Additional targeting features allow for extra layers of granularity including targeting by audience interests, topics, and additional psychographic features.

Best of all, these advertisements are visual, making your brand more sticky.

In tandem with search advertising, LSEO can help significantly extend the reach of your brand through search and display ad networks.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the biggest investments companies are making in 2019, but unfortunately organic social media marketing has lost its touch. Many experts agree that the reduced reach of Facebook and Instagram means that brands need to pay to play to dominate the social media landscape.

Fortunately, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertising offer very granular audience research tools that allow you to find out more about your audience and reach them in a very targeted campaign.

Using Facebook’s ‘Audience Insights’ LSEO can help you create an audience avatar based on a number of identifying features, including:

  • Demographics (age, race, gender, income, location)
  • Psychographics (interests, motivations, political leanings, etc.)
  • Behaviour on the platform

Learn more about your audience, place ads directly in front of your audience, spread brand exposure, gather sales, gather leads, etc.

Facebook offers numerous ad goals to choose from, whether it’s leads, brand awareness, or conversions.

But Why Choose LSEO?

With retargeting you can reconnect with customers who have abandoned a shopping cart purchase, clicked on your ads, or even visited your product on your site. Research shows that less than 5% of customers convert the first time they visit a website. LSEO regularly uses retargeting to help our clients recapture conversions and keep their customers engaged with their business.

LSEO’s Facebook advertising expertise has helped our clients launch a new business, get a student into medical school, and even double the leads of a a major NYC based business. Find out what we can do for you!

With a three-step system of social media marketing for audience research, PPC advertising to acquire leads, and retargeting for conversions, LSEO has helped many businesses reach record breaking revenue goals.


Combined with an organic SEO campaign, it could be the one two punch you need to:

  • Increase onsite conversions
  • Increase your lead count
  • Spread awareness of your brand
  • Dominate the SERPs
  • Reach customers over the holidays

In fact, many people prefer paid advertising as their number one growth marketing strategy because it is:

  • Fast
  • Results-driven
  • Conversion-oriented
  • Hyper-targeted
  • Multi-channel
  • Push and pull marketed

Find out whether pay-per-click advertising or social media marketing are right for you!

Additional Related Services

As with all SEO campaigns, the best results come from a well-rounded campaign. Find out why these services are vital to your campaign and why you should enroll in them for a multi-level strategy.

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