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Google is run by one language that we all use and that is keywords. We take the time to to perform preliminary keyword research to help uncover large opportunities. We look at your top ranking organic keywords to ensure proper targeting. Keywords are extremely important and we will provide you with a list of opportunities to drive more organic search traffic.

Organic Search Traffic

The next step is to look at your organic search traffic or the amount of unique visitors that are coming to your site each month. We then take a look at your traffic trend from previous months. The amount of traffic you receive is ultimately going to correlate with the number of leads and phone calls your business receives. Just because it may be going up doesn’t mean you aren’t missing out on opportunities to grow it quicker.

Technical SEO

Here we uncover items that an automated tool will not. We execute a technical analysis by crawling all of the pages on your website. This allows us to show you what kind of errors you have on your site that need to be fixed. 

Backlinks & Referring Domains

Your backlinks and your unique referring domains are really important indicators in your overall SEO success, and these also drive your authority score. Using backlinks and external linking makes your site more authoritative in the eyes of Google by having other sites link back to it. We’ll dive deeper here to determine if your site can aid from link building. 


Everyone overlooks the importance of content. The more content and the more page’s your site has gives you more opportunity to rank on Google. We can provide a list of ideas of where your site can benefit from new content and how to optimize it correctly to ultimately rank for more keywords!

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LSEO has been named a finalist for the 2020 SEO Agency of the Year by the US Search Awards committee.

Your analysis will be completed by SEO experts, so quality will never be in question!

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