Ecommerce Web Development to Increase Your Sales

Every type of business on the web has to have a strategy for bringing in leads and converting them into paying customers. These strategies can differ widely among companies and industries.

Nowhere is an online strategy more important than in the ecommerce field. Ecommerce businesses do not have brick-and-mortar storefronts; there is no foot traffic to attract with signs and billboards.

It comes down to you and the strength of your website. You know your business and products and ways of working better than anyone, but do you struggle with the technical aspects of building a robust website? Do you find customers are leaving without making a purchase because they’re confused or frustrated by your design?

That’s where LSEO’s ecommerce website development can help.

What Is Ecommerce Website Development?

Getting your ecommerce website development correct the first time is paramount if you want to make it in your industry. You have a few options for getting this done: you can carve out a chunk of time to get educated in web development, particularly in the ecommerce space, and do it yourself. Or, you can hire a digital marketing agency for its expertise in web development services.

The web design professionals at LSEO are experts in ecommerce development and can build you a website that draws in visitors and points them to everything you offer.

We’re going to take you through three elements of a well-developed ecommerce website so you understand the kinds of things that allow online business owners to succeed among the competition.

3 Elements for Ecommerce Website Success

Simple and Effective Navigation

Your ecommerce website relies on users and search engines being able to find everything that’s available on all of your pages. For that reason, having a sensible and simple site navigation is a vital component of ecommerce websites of any size. When we talk about site navigation, we always want to keep things simple for people. It’s a good idea to organize your products into just a handful of categories so users are not overwhelmed with information. A cluttered navigation that leaves users confused about how things are organized on your site is not likely to produce many conversions. In that case, effective ecommerce website development will always strive toward simplifying your business’s product categories. Doing so is likely to keep users shopping on your site for longer periods, encouraging them ultimately to buy something.

High-Quality Photos

It should go without saying that, with an ecommerce website, the photos you display for your products matter. You still must write detailed product descriptions that give shoppers all the specs of what you carry, but if users cannot see the product itself, they are less likely to convert. The ecommerce web developers you hire will have to rely on what you provide to them, but the best advice on ecommerce website photos is essentially to spare no expense or effort. You should use a high-quality camera to photograph your products from all angles. Ensure that users are able to examine each aspect of the product in the item’s photo gallery. It can also help to show the product being used as intended in the proper real-world setting. This will give people a better idea of what it would be like to own the product. Then, when creating the features of your site, your web developers should set up large versions of all those photos, or a zoom function, so users can get more granular when inspecting a product they are considering buying.

Simplify Checkout

The last item on our list is to make the checkout process simple and easy to traverse. There’s that word again: “simple.” When we are talking about ecommerce website development, obviously you have the option to make some elements fancy and impressive for users. However, other parts of the online shopping experience should avoid being complex to mitigate the risk of being confusing to shoppers. Perhaps nowhere else on your ecommerce website is this more applicable than in the checkout area. Think about it like this. You have already done the work of helping shoppers to navigate your product categories, find what they want, and learn about the items through high-quality photos and product descriptions. This is very nearly a victory. Now, you have to take shoppers through one more phase of their buying journey: online checkout. For you as a business owner, checkout is the final hurdle. You don’t want to scare anyone off now, but it is actually true that a variety of factors can arise now, in the checkout stage, that cause users to abandon the transaction. Consider these possibilities: the sudden need to create an account to check out, a surprise fee or other charge that was not revealed earlier, or a lack of conspicuous website security features that might make someone fear entering payment information. These are all useful items to bring up with your web developers. Other items you will definitely want to mention include: ensuring the checkout is optimized for mobile, making the payment gateway screen free of distractions that could sabotage the purchase, and including a “progress” feature in the checkout area that shows users how far they still have to go until they reach the “submit order” button. Any obstacle to checking out could very well undermine and ruin the buyer’s intention to buy. Always talk to your web developers to make sure your ecommerce site’s checkout is as streamlined as it can possibly be.

How to Find the Right Ecommerce Development Company

So, now that you know what is needed to build a powerful website that will serve as your greatest online converting tool, how do you know how to choose the right development company for the job?

We always suggest looking at examples of an agency’s work before doing anything. Screenshots of the way certain screens could look for you will definitely help you make up your mind. You probably won’t want to have the developers copy anything exactly, but seeing past work can jog your mind and help you think through what you want.

You should also hire a company that demonstrates it understands the vision of your brand. Website design and development comes down to a lot of colors, buttons, and rearranging, but at the end of the day, the website is all about projecting your company to the internet. Make sure the developers you go with are able to put your brand front and center through all the other elements of the site’s features and appearance.

The right developers will collaborate with you on what you need and what the developers think will serve you best.

Why Choose LSEO to Develop Your Ecommerce Website?

You have a choice of who helps you to develop your ecommerce platform. Why should you partner with LSEO for this vital work?

Design Skills

Our web design and development team is made up of experts in ecommerce website design. When presenting products to the public, the right colors and layouts make all the difference. We’ll take care of all the details for you.


With LSEO, you won’t have to sit around waiting on progress. We know how to dig into projects and show you results quickly so you can see how things look step by step.


Our websites are built to perform. You’ll have all the latest plugins and other features that will make your site fast and optimized for SEO.


We’ll give you constant updates on how things are going. If you have a question, we’ll address it so you’ll never be left in the dark. We want to be transparent so you don’t worry about the state of your project.