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The Client

Beleza na Web and Beautybox are two of the largest beauty retailers in Brazil. They fall under the same parent company, The Boticário Group. They signed with LSEO in March of 2020. They are a similar empire to Sephora in the United States. They sell many beauty brand’s products including their own. Each site has over 100,000 pages and generates over $70 million in combined revenue.

The Problem

The client came to LSEO to get the site cleaned up and the SEO in order. They wanted this to weigh heavy on the technical side of SEO, but also to just make sure everything was in order all the way down to the basics.

The client knew that the sites were large and they needed assistance in the SEO department.

Aside from the main task/goal at hand, they also wanted some deep keyword research done to see where competitors were winning and also what paid terms were performing well in their Google Ads account that they weren’t ranking highly for or capitalizing on in organic search.

The Strategy

LSEO’s first order of business was to clean up the site. We ran crawls of the website in many tools to send to and work with the development team of the sites to ensure that it was free of errors.

  • This included cleaning things up like broken pages, duplicate titles, duplicate descriptions, missing titles, missing descriptions, broken canonical links, orphaned pages in the sitemap, broken images, broken external links, pages missing H1 tags, and also some schema markup errors that were occurring.
  • An analysis of their paid search performance to see what keywords were converting highly for them, but they didn’t have the organic ranking to go with it. We found some good opportunities here to start targeting with an ongoing SEO strategy.
  • We also ran a competitive gap analysis versus competitors that were given to us by the client. These. gave us thousands of opportunities to target. There are many beauty terms in the stratosphere of the web that are searched daily, and some competitors were targeting keywords or keyword variations that our client’s sites were not.
  • We then analyzed these keywords in the SERPs to see what type of results Google was putting at the top (content vs. eCommerce). This allowed us to not only provide a strategy for us for long-term SEO, but also present it to the client to show them where they were missing the mark.
The Results

Beleza na Web in March of 2020 ranked for 74,117 keywords on the first page of Google in Brazil. Currently (July 2020) they rank for 78,076 keywords on the first page. That’s nearly a 4,000 keyword increase!

The traffic and revenue numbers reflect that. Coming straight from Google Analytics, from April 1, 2020 through July organic traffic increased 54.30% and revenue increased 104.20% versus the previous period which also includes a big holiday month. The revenue generated about $9 million additional dollars in that timeframe.

Comparing year over year for that same timeframe as opposed to the previous period, organic traffic increased 73.24% (about 3 million additional visitors) and organic revenue increased 72.72%


Keyword Increase


Revenue Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


Organic Revenue Increase


Keyword Increase


Revenue Generated


Organic Traffic Increase


Organic Revenue Increase

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