Google Grants Management for Nonprofit Growth

Giving back to the community is one of the primary missions of any nonprofit. For eligible organizations, Google wants to ensure nonprofits can continue making their amazing and generous contributions to society by providing them with Google Grants. These $10,000 monthly donations are issued to nonprofits for fundraising and marketing campaigns.

More specifically, Google Grants are engineered to be spent on Google Ads. These advertisements are featured whenever someone searches on Google for keywords associated with an ad. Users will then see these ads appear at the top of their search results along with a link to your nonprofit’s website.

Interested in learning to manage your Google Grants? You’ve come to the right place. With a local digital marketing agency such as LSEO, you will receive expert digital marketing services that allow your nonprofit to reach new heights and help more people in need.

How to Manage Your Google Grants Effectively

Once your nonprofit has applied for and received a Google Grant, you’re going to need to know the steps to go about creating your Google Ads account. Diving deep into this area will help you feel more comfortable when you start managing the funds of your donation. Have a look at the guidelines listed below for implementing effective Google Grants management.

With all of this covered, your nonprofit will have the resources it needs to capitalize on the fundraising and marketing opportunities provided by a Google Grant. Fully implementing all of these steps takes time and effort, but the payoff for your nonprofit or other organization will be worth it.

Create Your Google Ads Account

To begin building your Google Ads account, make your way to Google Ads and hit the “Start Now” button. You’ll be asked what your main advertising goal is. You can select from “Get more calls,” “Get more website sales or sign-ups,” and “Get more visits to your physical location.” Google will then ask more questions related to the nature of your business.

After completing your profile, submit your account ID number to Google. If your organization is in the United States, go to Google for Nonprofits and enter the information on your Google Grants Enrollment page. Google will take up to six weeks to review your submission. Once completed, you will receive an email. Then, your nonprofit can start its first ad campaign.

Organize Your Account

Building your Google Ads account may seem intimidating at first, especially since there are many complex aspects to consider. Still, consolidating and organizing all these moving parts will help your nonprofit stay focused on what it needs to accomplish.

Narrowing down an audience, selecting keywords, and designing your ads will set you up with secure methods and routines for managing your Google Grants. On top of this, strategizing your campaigns and creating financial constraints ensures that your organization won’t go over budget.

Focus Your Engagement

When setting up your ads, you want to ensure they are being tailored for a specific audience. Think of what your potential customers’ demographics, locations, interests, and search habits look like. Additionally, your ads should be created with a certain purpose in mind.

For instance, if your organization is looking to generate volunteer sign-ups, donations, newsletter subscriptions, or sales for its online store, your ads must be centered on those subjects.

Your Google ads should focus on your business’s highest priorities. Ask yourself what part of your organization you want to be advertised most heavily. Do you need to target one major effort? Or perhaps you would like simply to spread awareness of your organization.

No matter what your core advertising focus may be, narrowing down ideas for your fundraising and advocacy campaigns will ensure you get the most out of your ad spend.

Perform Keyword Research

Through your Google account’s Keyword Planner tool, you can develop a solid list of high-volume keywords, which your nonprofit can then invest in with grant money. Remember to select keywords that are relevant enough to capture the attention of the right searchers.

Every ad and keyword in your account should reflect your organization’s primary mission and apply to your nonprofit’s programs and services. You can also add your business in Google Search Console and Google Analytics to see the actual keywords people have searched to find you. In the end, thinking like a consumer will allow you to create more engaging Google Ads. This will ideally help increase traffic to your site.

Establish Several Campaigning Strategies

Your nonprofit should take advantage of the full $10,000 that Google Grants provides. Begin by spreading out your funds responsibly and evenly. Start with building Google Ads that are directed toward achieving certain objectives of your organization. Employing this technique will help you to manufacture campaigns for receiving donations, volunteering, starting petitions, or launching peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Create Impressionable Ad Copy

The last essential step in managing your Google Grant is sitting down and drawing out the ads themselves. Remember to make them creative, clean, simple, and professional, as these are the types of advertisements that can captivate your intended audiences.

Another element that cannot be forgotten is to incorporate clear calls to action. These can be images or lines that prompt your customers to take the initiative. Calls to action also provide your ad viewers with insights into where the ad will take them when they click on it.

Partnering with LSEO for Google Grants Management

When you work with LSEO for your Google Grants management, you earn a consummate digital partner that knows Google Ads and is ready to help. We can do the heavy lifting in this specialized area and save you a lot of time.

Here are some more advantages we can provide to you when you work with us.


LSEO has helped many nonprofits to manage their Google Grants, and always to great degrees of success. We are experts in Google Ads and know how to make them work for your organization.

Guided Setup

We will walk you through the process of managing your Google Grant so you aren’t left in the dark. This is all part of us being your digital partner rather than simply your Google Grants agency.

Daily Monitoring

We will watch your ads’ performance every day to ensure they are doing what you need them to do. If we need to tweak anything here and there, we will do it before any time or money is wasted.


At LSEO, we don’t just present ourselves as Google Grants management experts. We actually are, and we know how to deliver for you, the client. The work we put into your account will produce results for you so you can focus less on your advertising and more on the good work of your nonprofit.