What Is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a holistic deep dive performed on a website that includes everything from technical SEO to on-page SEO. The end result will be a report provided with action items stemming from the audit. The difference between one of our audits versus one that you would get from another company is the depth. We don’t stop short, we go all the way. That’s why many enterprise companies have engaged with us for our SEO audit services.

LSEO Audits are Built Different

At LSEO, we use various SEO site audit tools to crawl your website. These programs thoroughly inspect every inch of your site, looking for problems affecting crawlability and ranking.

For instance, an audit will find problems related to your:

  • website structure
  • website crawlability
  • internal and external link structures
  • backlinks
  • content (duplication and gaps)
  • meta titles and meta descriptions
  • load times and page speed
  • images
  • mobile-friendliness

However, we cannot discount the human (expert) element of an audit. Our tools collect all the raw site data, but the information would be useless if we didn’t manually inspect it afterward. Our SEO experts are always there to analyze and interpret the data and then relay it to our clients in a layperson’s terms. In the end, a full report will be provided to the client and a conference call will be scheduled to go over the findings. These decks blow clients away and they are 100% something that could be taken back to an executive team.

What are you waiting for, get your audit started today!

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Why Your Site Needs an SEO Audit

Issues in any of the technical areas we mentioned can significantly affect your website’s rankings. Large, enterprise sites typically have a large number of errors that you may not even know about. The problem with that is Google will ultimately not rank a problematic site very high. Heck, they may not even be able to find all of your pages or interpret them.

In that case, it should be clear why any website could benefit from an SEO audit.

It comes down to this: no matter how great or poorly your website is performing, our SEO audit service can always help you improve.

What Makes Our Audits Different?

You’ll find dozens of digital marketing agencies out there that will sell you SEO audits. These are not all equal. LSEO is different in the way we approach data analysis and client presentations.

Those little extra touches make the difference between average and premium services.

All the Research
At LSEO, we have researched which tools are best to use for website SEO audits and we have access to all of them. Our expertise also allows us to know what elements to include in an audit. This research has made us efficient at getting you the vital information you need to examine your site health and work with us to improve it.
Personalized Presentation
When it comes time to deliver your audit report, we compile the information in a deck format with files and information included. Or SEO experts design each report to the specifics of the client and the website. This way, we guarantee you are seeing the most important and relevant information for your business’s SEO campaign. Delivery time is typically 30-45 days.
SEO Expert Analysis
LSEO devotes even more attention to each audit by providing you with an audit analysis from an SEO expert. One of our specialists gets on the phone and reviews the audit with you so you fully understand everything the audit covers. This is your chance to ask questions and pick our brains a little bit.
Customized Roadmap

The final piece of our SEO audit service is the customized roadmap we give you following the audit. An audit on its own is a document showing your website’s strengths and weaknesses. We then use that document as a springboard for starting your SEO campaign.

We’ll provide you with a roadmap showing the ongoing strategy you need in terms of priority to fix everything we found.