How to Do SEO for Ecommerce

At LSEO, we employ SEO for all kinds of businesses, from those looking for leads and phone calls to those that sell their products directly online. Ecommerce SEO helps your online business to rank higher on search engines.

However, more important than simply ranking is becoming more visible to the very audiences you want to reach.

LSEO’s ecommerce SEO services can help your store to do exactly that and increase your revenues several times over. Here’s how it all works.

We said that the right kind of ecommerce SEO can help you reach the audiences who are looking for what you sell. This is one of the most important points here. We are not targeting everybody on the internet or even those people who already know the name of your business. We want to capture those who don’t know they need your company.

Start Ecommerce SEO

Optimize for What You Sell

With our SEO for ecommerce, we optimize your website for what you sell. As part of your digital marketing strategy, we’ll do keyword research to find the money terms for your business. Our research will reveal the main key phrases, synonymous key phrases, and semantic keywords that people are already using to find you, or that we can capitalize on for you.

Your main keywords are those terms people use to find products directly. One of these might be “men’s hats for sale.” A synonym phrase could be “men’s caps online.”

Finally, a semantic keyword will be directed toward the same product type, but it will be worded differently. As long as the term refers to the same concept, we can target it for you. In this case, a semantic keyword phrase could be “formal black hats for men.”

We know this query is seeking men’s hats, but it differs in how specific it is. Users who search this way know a bit more about what they want. We can use this information when optimizing your site with such keyword phrases.

Optimize for Categories and Products

As an ecommerce business, you should know that categories and products are your ammunition for growing. Getting these right will separate you from your competition.

Setting up your product categories and individual products in logical ways will help your online customers find what they want more easily and have a much less frustrating experience on your site.

At LSEO, we know how to structure ecommerce sites to get the most out of each customer visit. When we optimize your pages and products with the keywords we found in our research and then structure your site assets in a top-down hierarchy, we create the necessary conditions for you to make more sales.

Not only will real people find your site easy to navigate, but the search engines will, too. Google’s site crawlers will be able to read your site and will reward you with a better chance of ranking for the terms we target for you.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most vital tasks we complete for clients at LSEO, and it’s essential when doing ecommerce SEO. Technical SEO cleans up issues within the bones of your site so that people and search engines can get around your site more directly.

Technical SEO issues with ecommerce sites include:

  • categorizing products correctly
  • optimizing URL structures (URLs should be clean, neat, and descriptive)
  • submitting XML and HTML sitemaps (so people and search engines can see the structure of your site’s pages)
  • fixing broken links/pages
  • removing duplicate content
  • adding keyword-optimized meta tags to every important page
  • adding canonical tags (for when users can reach one page from different categories)
  • fixing status code errors (as with “404 – page not found”)

We take care of all these issues for you when you employ our ecommerce SEO services. It can be difficult knowing what to do on your own, especially when running your actual business consumes most of your time.

Leave the technical SEO to us, and we will ensure your site gets out of its own way.

Link Building

Ecommerce websites need to get the word out about their products as much as possible. Link building is the branch of SEO that is designed to do exactly that. Just as there are good and bad ways to do link building, there are also some noted effective ways for ecommerce businesses to engage in link building.

One method we recommend is to participate in influencer outreach. We employ this technique when we do link building for our clients.

Social media and blogging influencers have many thousands of followers and usually enjoy frequent social shares. The key is to find influencers related to your industry niche. See if you can participate in product giveaways with these people, or maybe work with the influencer on an endorsement or other promotion.

You can also create content built around your products and work to get it placed on influencer blog sites. If the content is informative and useful enough to that blog’s audience, you can start increasing traffic to the product pages you select (just ensure the content includes optimized anchor text that links to the appropriate page of your site).

We do this all the time through our content marketing services.

If you are an ecommerce business looking to build links to your products, ask us about this when we talk. We have helped countless ecommerce sites to jump ahead in the rankings, and we can do the same for you.

Why Is SEO Important for Ecommerce?

You want to sell more stuff online, right? Well, that’s why SEO is important for ecommerce.

Product listing ads and social media platforms are great, but you just can’t ignore your SEO. Most enterprise-level ecommerce brands’ revenues come through the organic channel, meaning SEO. And it’s not all through branded search. It’s because those high-level brands care about organic search and what it can do for them.

Remember: in SEO, we don’t much care about getting you found on branded terms. People who use those terms know who you are already. We want to help you reach all those people who want what you sell but don’t know you exist.

Non-branded search terms are the play here. The right ones will get you found by the people who matter to you.

The Perks of Ecommerce SEO

So, what are the main benefits of hiring an agency that can expertly perform your ecommerce SEO for you? We boil down three of them here:

  • Reach a larger portion of your target audience – Yes, you’re getting customers now (or you wouldn’t be in business), but ecommerce SEO helps you grow the audience you currently have. We employ all the right techniques to make your business more visible to those who want what you’re selling.
  • Compete with your competitors – The best ecommerce brands out there go for ecommerce SEO because they know how it puts them miles ahead of the competition. Two identical brands could go up against each other for online visibility, and the one using SEO will win out every time. If you want to get the edge on your competition, LSEO’s ecommerce SEO services can help you do that.
  • Grow Your Bottom Line – The crux of all this is that ecommerce SEO will help you to grow your bottom line. You’re going to sell more online because the changes we implement on your site will make you more visible and easy to navigate. When you appear high in the search engine results, people will tend to trust you more than those beneath you. Our ecommerce clients report to us all the time that investing in SEO was one of the best decisions they ever made for their businesses. We would have to agree.

Why Choose Us as Your Ecommerce SEO Partner?

Now that you know why you need ecommerce SEO, you need a digital partner to make it all happen for you.

Why should that be LSEO? Here are four reasons:


Our team is composed of SEO experts who are experienced in working with enterprise-level ecommerce brands. Many of those brands enjoy annual organic revenues that surpass $1 million. Trust us when we say we can handle the big ones.


We will help you to rank for more keywords and sell more products as a result. The investment you make in ecommerce SEO now will only benefit you down the line. The growth you experience will allow you to put more back into your business and fulfill your company’s dream.

A True Partnership

When we say we will form a true partnership with you, we mean we’ll be an extension of your team. We frequently collaborate with and help to educate our clients’ in-house marketing teams on the SEO we are implementing. That kind of cohesion helps our communication and ensures that you, the client, always know what is happening.

Real-Time Reporting

To show you the actual results of everything we are doing, we provide you with real-time reporting through Google Data Studio. Here, you can track your keyword positions and site traffic in the last 28 days or any date range you choose. With our ecommerce SEO services, we always go for full transparency, and reporting is a major component of that. See for yourself what we mean.