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“They were very much interested in helping us build a great culture of content, not just focusing on short-term results.”

- President, Hobby Products Website

Content Is Still King

LSEO is an award winning B2C and B2B content marketing agency specializing in onsite content creation and optimization, as well as offsite promotion to ensure your content drives sales and leads to your business.

With the introduction of the Panda algorithm, Google is better adept at understanding the semantic meaning of search phrases and content pieces than ever before. This places greater emphasis on marketers to create more engaging and creative content than the competition to rank.

We Offer A Variety Of Content Marketing Services

As far as the research goes, long-form and educational content ranks higher than any other form of content. Consider that the average content length of a first page result is 1,900 words.

Keyword Research

Along with an initial tech audit, LSEO will start you off with a comprehensive keyword research report that will drive our editorial calendar moving forward for optimization of existing online content and new content creation.

Keywords help drive our topics and we use a number of advanced tools and keyword planners to help accomplish this.

We look at each keyword based on these factors:

  • Relevance to your business and customers
  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • Hierarchy of your information architecture

These keywords will then be used to guide our ongoing onsite optimizations and new content creation.

Onsite Optimization

Using user behaviour and click data from our keyword planners, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console we will identify areas where we can improve the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate of your landing pages.

By helping top-level pages to rise in the rankings, this can serve as the most significant source of high quality traffic to your business.

Once target keywords are identified, content will be created using SEO best practices and include page-level recommendations for:

  • URL Structure
  • Page Title
  • Headings (H1, H2, H3)
  • Meta Description
  • Internal and External linking suggestions with optimized anchor text
  • Alt tag/caption suggestions for images/graphs/infographics

New Topic Creation

Along the same lines, we will use our keyword document to help guide new content creation on your site.

Options available include:

  • Long-form content (800 words in length)
  • Infographics
  • Listicles
  • Location pages
  • Sales pages
  • Press releases
  • PR pieces
  • Blog posts

Each content is crafted based on insights from the competition and our own expertise to provide you with content that matches user intent and meets user demands.


Metadata Optimization

Optimizing metadata with keyword rich content helps users understand more about your content before they click on a page and search engines index a page. Using our keyword research, we can optimize your title tags and meta descriptions to help improve your CTR.

Link Building

No piece of content is complete without building links to it to help it rank higher. Backlinks remain one of Google’s top three ranking factors and serve as a great source of referral traffic to your business. By using research and the industry’s best practices we can help your content rank higher by building high quality links on authoritative websites.

Content Promotion

Finally, no piece of content is complete without promotion. In fact, user signals remain a strong ranking signal for search engines, meaning that the more clicks and traffic we can drive to your content, the higher it will rank and so on. Using both organic and paid channels, we can market your content through social media, email, advertising, etc. to build awareness around your brand and capture some leads.



Unmatched Expertise

The ideal piece of content includes the following:

  • Internal links to deep linked pages
  • External links to high authority sources
  • Good use of white space
  • Visuals to break up content blocks
  • At least 800 words in length
  • Expertise and authority

Specialized Experience

Trust a top content marketing agency to help you craft long-form content that is engaging and targets the topics/keywords that users are searching for.

Clients who have enrolled in our content marketing strategy have seen their online traffic rise by over 2,000% in one year and grown their business by over 100%. Check out our case studies for more information!

Additional Related Services

As with all SEO campaigns, the best results come from a well-rounded campaign. Find out why these services are vital to your campaign and why you should enroll in them for a multi-level strategy.

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