How to Do SEO for a Website

Businesses of all sizes and types come to LSEO for our expert SEO services, and everybody needs something different. From technical SEO to content marketing and link building, we have the answers you need to start growing your business’s presence online.

Website SEO is an essential task we regularly complete for clients who sign up for our SEO consulting services. A strong website is one of the most robust lead-generation tools a business can possess, but only if it is optimized for SEO. If your technical SEO is in the gutter and your content doesn’t comprehensively reflect what you do, you have little chance of getting ranked on Google in places where customers can find you.

Start Website SEO

As we mentioned, SEO encompasses many areas, but when focusing specifically on website SEO, there are several elements we need to cover.

Keyword research

Google uses lots of factors to decide if a web page is worth ranking highly. Keywords are one of those factors. You should use the right keywords in on-page content to get your site ranked for those keywords. Your keyword usage gives Google an overall idea of what a page is about.

Meta tags

Once you’ve done your keyword research, you should use those keywords in each page’s unique meta title and description. These sections of the page show up in Google’s search results and tell audiences and Google what can be found on those pages.

Original content

You should write original, quality content for each of your important pages. The content should be factually accurate, detailed, and useful to all who read it. Use your researched keywords in your content to help these pages show up in the search engines.

Anchor text

When writing content, don’t forget to use anchor text. These are hyperlinked words or phrases that take users to different pages of your site. Anchor text should consist of keywords designed to help those other pages rank. By including anchor text in your content, you share ranking authority among your pages, telling Google that all these pages are important.

Clear navigation

Once your website is optimized in these ways, you should ensure users can get around your site easily and without confusion. Your main navigation will ideally list your pages in a top-down hierarchy so people always know what your goods and services are and how they relate to one another.

Why Your Website Needs SEO

Maybe you think your business already does well with your sales or lead generation. If you don’t know the power of a strong SEO campaign for your website, you may be surprised at how things can change after getting optimized.

Website SEO helps you to build up your brand and get it out there to more people. You will be able to do this because SEO can get your website more organic traffic. If your branding is strong and consistent, and your web content is authoritative, then your website should start working for you to bring in more business.

When you’re on top of Google’s rankings for your industry keywords, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition and ultimately do better business than they do. Google knows what an SEO-optimized website looks like, and so do people, whether they realize it or not. The websites ranking in positions zero, one, or two are there for good reasons.

Our expert website SEO can help you get there.

Why Choose Our SEO Campaign Services?

When you’re looking for professional SEO campaign services, you will no doubt find a multitude of agencies out there claiming they can provide you with expert SEO quickly and for low prices. Trust us when we say that any quick and easy SEO is probably not worth it and could even hurt your website.

Here are some elements of LSEO’s services that we always take the time to do the right ways.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords fluctuate every day on the search engines. If you had SEO done for your website five years ago and haven’t changed anything since then, there’s a good chance your keywords are outdated. As part of our overall website SEO services, we’ll check your site’s current keyword rankings and optimize your keywords where necessary.

Non-Branded Opportunities

Maybe you’re satisfied that thousands of monthly users find your website through branded search queries. We’re happy about that, too, but the point of SEO is to get you found by people who don’t already know your name. Once we optimize your website with all the appropriate non-branded keywords and fix up the other elements we’ve listed, you will be on your way to finding whole new audiences.

Page 1 Rankings

Everyone wants to rank on page 1. That’s because users tend to trust those first 10 search results more than anything on page 2 and beyond (if searchers even bother to go past page 1). Our website SEO can get you to page 1, where your perceived site authority increases exponentially.

Work with Experts

Our SEO experts have a combined 20+ years of experience in SEO and the digital marketing industry. We don’t promise you anything impossible. Rather, we lay out our plans in ways you can understand and then get to work optimizing your website. When we’re finished, the results will speak for themselves.