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The Client

The client is a top 3 publicly traded technology real estate company. LSEO has been the SEO Agency of record for this client since 2018 and has helped the client during its phase as a large funded start-up to pre-IPO, to post IPO and International expansion.

The client hired LSEO to provide SEO and link building services. This client case study highlights LSEO’s work with helping the client identify high value “money” terms ranking in positions 11 through 30 on Google and execute a page-level link building strategy to move nearly 100% of all keywords to page one of Google.

The Problem

If we know anything about the real estate space, it’s that it is super competitive. The top 5 companies are constantly battling for the highest equity on Google and other search engines. Our client realized all the way back in May of 2018 that they needed link building services to be more competitive and separate themselves from other companies.

The Strategy

LSEO’s link building services focused on building page authority to city level pages where prospective customers look for homes. The client presented a strong top-level domain authority, but the overall domain equity was diluted by the fact that the client website includes millions of pages. The goal for this campaign was to build equity at he page level in order to boost target keywords to page one of Google.

Target keywords were identified and LSEO executed 4-6 page-level link acquisitions per month, per page. Performance benchmarks were achieved on average every 90-120 days and new target keywords were added. LSEO currently build approximately 130 links per month to approximately 50 city pages.

In addition to link building the LSEO team has provided SEO consulting and training to the client’s internal SEO and content team of 8-12 members.

The Results

Performance can be summed up by the client’s most recent guidance as they renewed their agreement – “Please keep doing what you are doing.” Since inception of the link building program LSEO’s work can be attributed to a growth of over 3 million users per month (36 million annually). Keyword target success was nearly universal with successful results in almost all instances. All KPI’s were met or exceeded on a regular basis, including achievement of target keywords rankings, increase in total keywords ranked, conversions, and an increase of 46.18% in traffic. The client intends to expand its relationship with LSEO for 2021.

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