Professional Google Ads Quality Score Optimization

When you come to LSEO for help with your PPC strategy, you gain a digital partner that is as well-versed in Google Ads as anything else we do.

Because we are Google Partners, we know that one vital aspect of managing our clients’ PPC campaigns is paying attention to Quality Scores. These are measures of the overall quality of a business’s Google Ads.

As PPC experts, we know that higher Quality Scores mean lower cost-per-click and higher ad positions for you, our clients. Let’s explain more about what we mean so you understand why you can confidently entrust your Google Ads campaigns to us.

What Is a Google Ads Quality Score?

Knowing and understanding Google Ads Quality Scores helps, too. Quality Scores are Google’s measures of the caliber of the ads themselves and the keywords contained within them.

Because Google’s algorithms are always improving user experiences on the platform, the search engine awards lower cost-per-click and better Google Ads positions to those ads that have higher Quality Scores. That’s because high-quality ads will tend to deliver more of what people are actually searching for on Google.

Google Ads Quality Scores take several elements into account. These include:

  • The click-through rate (CTR) of your ads
  • How relevant your chosen keywords are to their associated ad group
  • The quality and relevance of the ad group’s landing pages
  • How relevant the text of the ad is to the subject of the ad
  • How your Google Ads have performed in the past

The specifics of how these elements influence your Quality Score are not clear. However, digital marketers do know that Google heavily favors CTR as the top determiner of Quality Scores. That’s because high CTR means lots of users have found your ads relevant to what they need and have clicked on them.

Tactics to Improve Your Ad Quality Score

Given the importance of Quality Score to a strong Google Ads campaign, you might be wondering at this point how businesses can improve their Quality Scores, save money on cost-per-click, and secure more prominent ad positions.

The ways you can improve your Quality Score all involve the elements that Google uses to determine the scores in the first place.

LSEO regularly helps our clients with their Quality Score optimization. We use the following methods to get it done.

Research Better Keywords

You know relevant keywords help to attract the right users to click on your ads. Therefore, doing additional keyword research to find more specific, long-tail terms can gather in those users who are already more set on doing what you want them to do.

Group Keywords

While we’re at it, we can help you to organize the keywords we’ve researched so we can keep thematically related keywords associated with this or that ad group. This way, we can return to these groups when needed. Furthermore, ad groups with unique sets of keywords tend to perform better since they are more targeted.

Research Negative Keywords

Just as the right keywords can make or break an ad campaign, we also put in the time to research those negative keywords for which you don’t want to appear. Negative keywords just waste your ad budget and your time. We will work with you to find and exclude negative keywords for your campaigns so your advertising stays targeted and lean.

Optimize Ad Text

Good Quality Scores depend partly on strong, relevant text in the ads themselves. High-quality ad text includes good writing and language that is focused on the issue at hand, not scattered all over the place, talking about different subjects. The right ad text will show users that your business truly understands their needs and is here to address them.

Form Specific Ad Groups

As we mentioned above, each ad group you make should focus on a certain area and consequently use appropriate keywords. Groups should not share keywords among them. Rather, each ad group should be unique. This kind of targeting will only make your ads more effective.

Optimize Landing Pages

One final method we can help you employ in our Quality Score optimization is to improve your landing page quality. Your ads might look great on their own, but if the landing pages where they lead users aren’t relevant or useful, you won’t get the conversions you want. A good ad landing page should use the relevant keywords from the ad, address the subject as promised in the ad, and not take too long to load.

Why Choose LSEO to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

There are plenty of reasons to partner with LSEO for your Quality Score optimization. Lots of agencies out there can promise you quick and easy turnaround successes. At LSEO, we put in the time and research to do it right.


Our paid media team has secured Google Partner status and is always researching the best practices of Google Ads for our clients. We pass along our expertise to your business so we can help you grow.

Creative Thinking

Sometimes, improving your ads’ Quality Score requires some creative thinking to stand out from the competition. Whether we need to modify ad text to get some holiday-time conversions or empathize with users having real problems, our team will get creative to make you come out on top.

Increased Exposure

The results of our efforts will be greater exposure for your brand, as high Quality Scores mean you will begin to grab and hold top ad positions on Google. With a wider audience, you can more easily reach the customers who matter most to you.


At LSEO, we don’t just talk about doing good work for our clients. We get provable results for the businesses that work with us because nothing matters to us more than your success. We’ll show you our progress every step of the way and help you to increase your ROI like you’ve always wanted.