How to Build a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

At LSEO, a local digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on helping businesses to establish a solid online presence. One of the best strategies for doing this is to incorporate social media aspects into your marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn is a particularly great place to start getting a strong footing, as you can add in advertising to make your company look more enticing to your industry’s colleagues and potential customers. Impressing these groups with solid marketing techniques will set you down the path to success.

With LSEO’s expertise, businesses big and small can get involved with LinkedIn. Keep reading below to learn about establishing a thriving LinkedIn marketing strategy. You won’t regret coming to LSEO for your paid media optimization services.

Curious about establishing your own LinkedIn advertising campaign? LSEO can set you up with the right tools to start your LinkedIn profile and boost your viewer engagement and brand presence. Check out how to build a prospering LinkedIn marketing strategy with the techniques below.

Ensure Your Company’s Page Is Just Right

Your business’s main profile needs to stand out to attract viewers to your page. It needs to be authentic and engaging, which can be accomplished by maximizing the use of each element on your LinkedIn. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure your description highlights your company’s core values and services, along with tailoring it toward your target audience.

Share Your Finest Content

Besides creating an appealing company description, be sure to post high-quality images, videos, links, and articles. You can even post statistics and reports to demonstrate your industry’s capabilities. This type of content marketing can not only generate increased traffic to your profile but can also help to produce leads, drive sales, and attract job offers or contract work.

However, keep in mind that you should not force your company’s brand onto your LinkedIn’s viewers. Doing too much hard-selling could potentially lead to decreased engagement, as it may appear that you are coming on too strong.

Expand Your Network

To begin growing your network, your company should commit to filling its feed with enticing and valuable information that will lead to more professionals requesting to establish connections. Another way to do this is to follow potential clients or other organizational leaders after meeting them on the site. A third approach is to explore who your other connections are following. By jump-starting these connections, it will demonstrate to other professionals that you care about their business and are interested in getting to know them better.

Take Advantage of Videos

Posting images and articles on LinkedIn is great, but videos can help take your marketing strategy to the next level. Videos are more engaging and eye-catching than your typical posts. On top of this, they provide professionals with a more interactive insight into your company’s brand and message.

Videos can also be used to back up other posts like articles and pictures. When publishing a striking video, don’t forget to attach captions or mention its contributors.

Turn Engagement into Conversations

Having a LinkedIn profile is not just about establishing connections. It is also about following up with people by starting conversations. By initiating communication with other professionals, you are demonstrating that you are interested in establishing and maintaining relationships with them. This can be accomplished by commenting on their posts, directly messaging them, or simply liking their posts.

Don’t Forget to Use LinkedIn’s People Filters

An often forgotten feature of LinkedIn is its people filters. When you are researching and looking for other professionals, you will find the people filters tab right under the search box.

Taking advantage of this tool will allow your business to connect with the right people. By narrowing your search, you are more likely to discover people who work in related industries and are located in the same area. You’ll then be able to start conversations with people who have similar interests and would potentially like to start interacting with your company.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Advertising

So, what are some hard and fast reasons why it’s a good idea to use LinkedIn advertising?

For one thing, advertisers on the platform have a much more focused idea of their audiences on LinkedIn. That is to say that a great many LinkedIn users are professionals who trend older than those on other social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook.

Even without doing any further audience research, you know your business’s advertisements will reach the eyes of white-collar workers who might tend to fall into the business groups to whom you want to market yourself. Use this to your advantage.

Playing off of that point, when it does come time for audience targeting, LinkedIn lets advertisers get specific. When placing ads, you can look at audience elements such as job title, job function, company name, skills, and more. If you’re a B2B business, then you already know how valuable this kind of targeting is.

One final benefit to name here is LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator. This allows advertisers to keep track of the best prospects, the ones most likely to convert, and then create ads for them. These individuals could be people who actually visited your website or just people who appear on your list of buyers. The fact that LinkedIn lets you remarket to these people is a huge advantage for your efforts on the platform.

Why Partner With LSEO for LinkedIn Advertising

We understand that many businesses simply don’t have the time to learn how to optimize their LinkedIn advertising. It’s challenging enough to run your own company without figuring out how to master different online marketing platforms.

We are happy to serve as your LinkedIn advertising agency to start bringing in leads that convert for you. Here are four ways that LSEO’s LinkedIn advertising services can benefit you.

B2B Exposure

Our paid media team understands the B2B market and how to get you noticed among your competitors on LinkedIn. We’ll secure the exposure you need so your brand shines through to your audiences.

Dedicated Social Experts

LSEO’s paid media marketing team is composed of social media advertising experts who know how to incorporate what you want with all the best practices of advertising on a given platform. We’ll set up your LinkedIn ads to get them seen by all the right people.

Daily Monitoring

We look at your ads every day to ensure they are performing as expected. This vigilance lets us correct anything that needs to be modified so you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Increased Business

Ultimately, the LinkedIn ads we place for you are designed to result in bottom-line growth and increased business for you. We’ll optimize and target your ads just right to get noticed by the audiences who matter most.