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Google is the largest, most robust search engine in existence. The tech giant and its various properties and programs–including YouTube, Gmail, Drive, and Ads–enjoy combined totals of billions of users monthly. It therefore makes sense that businesses of all sizes and in all industries want to take advantage of Google’s ubiquitousness to advertise on the platform’s SERPs. Through our staff’s combined decades of experience working intimately with Google advertising, we are able to provide clients with sleek, lean paid media marketing for getting found on Google. LSEO’s clients usually know the basics of how Google Ads work, but the finer points are not common knowledge for everybody. Distilled to a basic form, Google Ads is Google’s online advertising platform that lets users implement PPC ads on search results pages. Running PPC advertising on Google has its advantages, but the performance of those ads can be determined by anything from what a business sells to the time of year it is. Many LSEO clients choose digital marketing packages that include both SEO and paid media through Google Ads. These marketing outlets work in tandem but are still quite different from each other.

3 Benefits of Advertising through Google Ads

So, what are the advantages of advertising using Google Ads? And how do these points stack up against doing SEO at the same time? Let’s explain.

Google’s Audience

Google processes billions of searches every day. It follows that this daily amount of eyes on Google’s SERPs makes the engine’s paid ads one of the most desirable forms of digital marketing available today.

Paid ads on Google appear at the top of the SERPs, above the organic search results that digital marketers manage to get placed there through their SEO work. Online users know that Google’s brilliant search algorithms are updated hundreds or sometimes thousands of times a year. Those updates make Google’s results more relevant and authoritative all the time. The better the search results, the more people trust the engine. When you combine a large audience with an intelligent and trustworthy search engine, you get a platform that simply cries out for PPC advertising.

Google Ads Vs. SEO

Google Ads marketing and SEO really cannot be compared. They work toward the same goal which is why it is wise to invest in both channels at the same time to double the equity. Why might your business want to advertise using PPC in addition to SEO? What are the major differences between them?

One question business owners ask us from time to time is: if PPC ads appear at the top of the SERPs, why not start driving a robust Google Ads campaign to get more website traffic and sales? It all depends on your goals. PPC ads have almost instant effects, while SEO tends to take six to nine months or even a year to see truly measurable results. However, keep in mind that some users just don’t click the ad listings and go right to the organic results.

There is a major trade off to show up on page one of Google with an ad: it costs money. Digital marketers bid on keywords in an attempt to appear in prominent places on Google’s SERPs. We work with our clients to figure out what search terms they want to capture through their paid advertising. Keep in mind, however, that the more popular the keyword–and the higher the competition is on that particular keyword–the higher the bid will be. It might not be prudent for a small business to bid on a general keyword such as “garden supplies.” Maybe the company’s paid advertising budget would be better spent on a more specific, long-tail keyword such as “best garden supplies in Wilkes-Barre.”

Meanwhile, performing SEO work on your site still costs money, but there will be no additional charge for ad spend. SEO still requires a person’s time and effort to get a website performing well organically. However, it is a much slower game that requires patience and frequent monitoring and updating. That is also another reason it is a good idea to run a PPC campaign in addition to your SEO efforts. Creating high-quality content, writing new meta tags, and overhauling a site’s technical SEO all require about as much research as a strong Google Ads campaign. SEO is a vital component of getting found online if you are not looking to pay directly for advertising, but we don’t recommend just focusing on one channel. Your digital marketing focus or how you should divide a budget between PPC and SEO depends on your goals and overall budget.

This can all get a bit complex, but it is exactly what digital marketing agencies do every day. Our job is not just to conduct your online advertising for you. We are also consultants who are here to guide you through every step of your digital marketing campaign.

You Control Your Ads’ Details

Perhaps the most attractive quality of advertising through Google Ads is the ability to customize nearly everything about an ad. From its relevance to your spending budget, Google Ads lets you decide how you want to approach your campaign.


While it is true that your Google Ads campaign can potentially reach billions of people daily, the truth is that not every one of those people is going to be the right audience for you. The keyword research and bidding that we mentioned is one major part of making your paid ads relevant to the people who see them. Keywords with high search traffic are good to incorporate in an ad’s copy because the people who have searched for that term previously obviously have an interest in that product or service. This is your chance to capture their attention and get them to convert.

The other part of relevance is related to demographic targeting. This involves going after audiences who maybe have not searched for a certain keyword but who fit into the group of people that your business generally sells to. Age, gender, location, and online interests all determine an online user’s demographic. Google provides analytics data for digital marketers to use in creating ads. Only by making Google advertisements as relevant as possible can a business grab the attention of the right kind of audience, the highest-quality leads.


Given that PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” you know that using Google Ads is cost-effective in the sense that you, the business, are charged only when a user clicks on your ad. Simply getting your ad displayed on a Google SERP costs nothing. This is why it can literally “pay” to make your ads as relevant, smart, and visually appealing as you can. Your budget goes toward website visitors, not simply the opportunity to appear on a SERP. That means there is really no wasted money with PPC through Google Ads. An ad click might not necessarily translate to a conversion, but if a user intentionally navigated to your website to see more information, you have still enjoyed victory of a kind. Maybe all you need is improved on-page SEO to get those users the rest of the way to making a call, completing a form, or placing an order.

Remember also that you set your advertising budget on Google Ads. You will be charged for every click, but when you reach your hard monthly limit, your ads are turned off. This way, you never have to deal with any nasty surprises and can plan your next six months of marketing in fine detail.

Your Own Google Ads Agency

LSEO specializes in local digital marketing with concentrations in SEO, PPC, web design, and link building. All of these services work in concert with one another to get our clients the highest rankings, the most website traffic, and the most sustainable sales growth.

We work with clients ranging from Northeast Pennsylvania to Nationwide. We want to be your Google Ads agency, the partners you can trust to guide you through the highly competitive world of Google Ads and PPC advertising. Get in touch with us to learn more, and let’s accomplish something amazing together.

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