Meet the Interns: Fall 2019!

There are some new faces in our office this fall, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this…

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How Helpful are Rich Snippets in SEO?

For most good things in life, we always end up wanting more. As search engines evolve, we want more…

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On-Page SEO Basics and Best Practices

Anyone who’s looking to rank higher and get more traffic to their website should know the…

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Why is User Experience an Important Part of SEO?

User experience, or UX, has become a fundamental part of the SEO world.  In fact, Google has stated…

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What is Schema Markup in SEO?

Starting in early childhood, we’re taught to categorize information. For centuries people have…

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What is AMP in SEO?

At some point, everyone has encountered a slow loading site on their phone. Some might be willing…

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The Ultimate Website Migration Guide & Checklist

URLs are like fine stemware, one slip or crack and they’ll break right in your hands. Migrating…

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Are SEO Companies a Scam?

With the SEO landscape growing and changing at a rapid pace, it seems like more and more agencies…

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What is Schema Markup and What are the SEO Benefits?

To keep up with the fast-paced nature of the SEO landscape, putting a webpage in context is…

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