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The Client

Ice Barrel is the first of its kind. Ice Barrel’s main goal is to bring cold therapy to athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone else interested in trying out a new way to heal their body and mind.

Ice Barrel was created to be an effective treatment for acute injuries and post-exercise recovery.

After enough research, however, the client found that cold therapy had more than just two benefits. Cold therapy can assist in pain management, inflammation, depression, anxiety, mood and brain function, heart rate variability, and vasoconstriction.

Ice Barrel determined that the issues cold therapy could solve were so numerous that people would enjoy having access to a cold-therapy product in their own homes.

The Problem


As with any start-up business, the question for Ice Barrel was how to get found by users looking for an at-home take on cold therapy. Ice Barrel knew it was starting from nothing, but the company retained its big goals for 2021.

That’s when the business reached out to LSEO for help with its organic presence.


How to properly scale without overly sacrificing ROAS on both Google & Facebook post iOS 14.

The Strategy

LSEO’s first task for this client was to dive into the research phase.


We asked ourselves:

  • What keywords are best to target at each stage of the funnel?
  • How do we help Ice Barrel to teach users about the benefits of cold therapy?
  • How do we make people aware of the Ice Barrel product?
  • How do we get people to purchase an Ice Barrel?
  • After conducting the proper research, the project became a complete overhaul of Ice Barrel’s on-site SEO. The strategy consisted of keyword mapping for each page, metadata and content optimizations, new topic generation, and link building.


    Consolidate Approach:

  • Unfortunately, more Campaigns don’t simply mean more data anymore. We started by consolidating the Campaigns and combining Ad Sets where applicable. By streamlining our strategy, we were able to further optimize audiences and budgets during times of unknown.
  • Larger Audiences:

  • Instead of focusing on smaller/niche interests we targeted interests that have a much larger audience. How did we continue to ensure we were showing up in front of the right people? We focused on painting the audiences through our creative design and messaging. By controlling our presence through our Ads, we were able to target those audiences without actually getting too specific.
  • Longer Lookback Windows:

  • Moved our thinking away from daily performance we shifted our focus to three-, seven-, and 14-day windows. Especially now in a post iOS 14 world where conversions may take up to 72 hours to report, it’s extremely important to wait until you have enough data to make informed decisions.
  • Analyze Multiple Data Points:

    • Facebook reporting is likely to never be the same since the advent of iOS 14.5. But, rather than mope over the data we’ve lost, we decided to look at the other data we do have — even if it’s not found in the platform itself. Google Analytics can provide some great insights for the bigger advertising picture.
      • Conversions (last-click purchases)
      • Conversion value
      • Assisted conversions (which we know Facebook assisted in)
      • Assisted conversion value
      • AEM (aggregated event measurement) conversions

    The Results

    LSEO has produced a more than 413% increase in organic users in just one year of SEO consulting.

    In February of 2021, Ice Barrel was ranking for only 9 keywords and is now ranking for more than 4,000 keywords with more than 500 first-page positions on Google.


    Increase in Impressions


    Increase in Clicks


    Increase in Conversions


    Increase in Conversion Value


    Increase in Organic Users




    First Page Positions on Google

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