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The Client

Abylex CDL Truck Driving School is located in Sacramento, California and offers students the opportunity to obtain their CDL license and provides job placement with major transportation companies. Truck drivers are in high demand from companies like UPS, FedEx, Walmart, Amazon, etc. and the trucking industry is an integral part of the American economy. For many people, a CDL license and truck driving career from Abylex can offer high paying jobs for as much as $50k-100k per year.

The Problem

Prior to working with LSEO.com, Abylex had spent tens of thousands of dollars in a few months’ period on Google Ads with another digital agency. After seeing only about 25 conversions a month, Abylex contracted LSEO.com in June of 2018 to increase the number of people who enrolled at their truck driving school and decrease the cost per lead.

Also, LSEO originally had a narrow timeline of fewer than four months to drive leads, because the summer and fall times typically made more revenue than the winter months for truck schools, so the company needed to prepare for a slower winter time.

The Strategy

Once LSEO.com took over the whole account and creative process, we used data analysis and insights from the data they already gathered, collected key marketing information from stakeholders at the company, then conducted our own thorough competitor research and independent research. We created a digital marketing campaign equipped with a high converting landing page, with ad and sales copy paired with intelligent thorough keyword research.

LSEO.com’s local search campaigns targeted a 50-mile square radius of Sacramento and searching for CDL and truck school-related terms. Ideally going after males between the ages of 18-45. Using pay-per-click campaigns on Google Ads, Bing, and Yahoo, LSEO.com sent leads to a custom landing page where the user would enter their contact information. From there, a customer service representative would contact the leads and provide them with more information about Abylex.

The Results

In the first 9 months, LSEO.com was able to drive over 1,400 leads to Abylex, which resulted in 865 new enrollments. More impressively, LSEO.com was able to deliver Abylex over 120 monthly conversions at a price of $55 per acquisition, as compared to Abylex’s previous campaign average of 25 conversions a month at $150-200 per conversion. This means LSEO generated 100 more leads a month at 72.5% cheaper cost than their previous cost per lead.

Fortunately, the campaigns crushed it in the winter months, and ironically the winter months lead to all-time enrollment highs for Abylex. One of Abylex’s main concerns was increasing phone calls and local appointments, and the campaigns were able to produce over 1,000 trackable phone calls to schedule local appointments. That was over double the trackable phone calls from the previous 9 months before LSEO.com took over the account.

Calculating the customer lifetime value of each enrollee, and Abylex’s total ad spend LSEO.com was able to generate a total return on ad spend (ROAS) of 1,666.67%.




Cost Per Acquisition




Return on Ad Spend
The number of leads has increased and the in-house team is impressed with quality of their work. LSEO goes above and beyond to meet all needs, while their expertise and excellent project management made them a reliable partner.
For us, they’re just the best digital marketing company in the country.

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