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Every search engine optimization (SEO) campaign should begin with an audit of the current landscape for your industry. Researching and preparing a formal SEO report is the preliminary step towards improving the organic rankings of your website within search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Some SEO audits are available online through software, but LSEO feels these services can’t provide the human analysis from our staff trained in the latest practices. LSEO provides two tiers of SEO audits, both with strategic next steps customized to fit your current needs. These range from higher level reports and recommendations for ongoing SEO strategy, to in-depth audits and full campaign planning.

LSEO also offers discounted white label SEO reports and consulting for fellow marketers, including traditional advertisers as well as digital creative shops or Paid Media-only agencies.

What is a SEO-Specific Site Audit?

Performed by experienced professional search-engine optimization specialists, a comprehensive SEO site audit serves as the baseline research and strategy development for the next steps toward full optimization.

LSEO will utilize enterprise-level search marketing data analysis tools including Majestic, SEMrush, and others to access the performance of your website on the most important search engine ranking factors.

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SEO Reports – Don’t Be Fooled

Many companies offer website audits for SEO performance, but often these reports are “thin” in that they lack specific directions for recommended next steps. LSEO will not only tell you where you are but also what you need to do to improve your performance. Read on to discover how our audit, analysis and accompanying strategic recommendations address the following classic elements of SEO: technical and website user experience, keyword phrases, content relevance, and the links that give your pages “votes.”

Technical & User Experience Analysis

Identifying and fixing onsite technical issues, as well as improving key things on the pages that related to positive user experience (people like the way the content is laid out), are the foundation to optimizing search engine rankings.

Technical SEO includes looking at your actual web addresses, ensuring you can use tags such as page titles and descriptions, the way your content is structured, headline tags, site speed on desktop and mobile, and other “tech” factors. Optimal technical SEO will result in better indexation of your website and can improve how your results look in the rankings when they appear.

Technical SEO report includes:

  • Detailed review of existing or planned website, delivered in a PDF with prioritized next steps
  • Recommendations related to user experience and calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Mobile friendly design rating and optimization opportunities
  • Analysis of Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Google 
Webmaster Tools) for technical issues and opportunities for improvement

Keyword Opportunity Analysis

Words that people type into search engines are known as “keywords,” whether single or multiple word phrases. Keyword usage throughout your website is valuable for users and search engines, and forms the basis for the theme of your content .

Keyword Analysis includes:

  • Research keywords and key phrases for search within your industry
  • Review and analysis of your key competitors to identify keyword opportunities

Content Relevance Analysis

Highly resourceful (educational, comparative, insightful, entertaining) content provides a positive user experience for site visitors including search engines. Google describes one acronym they use to measure the value of web content (link to in-depth Google PDF) as “E.A.T.” which stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.” Therefore poorly written, irrelevant, or otherwise “non-useful” content serves little to no benefit for purpose of generating traffic from Google or Bing. An effective content marketing strategy is critical to the success of any SEO campaign.

Content analysis includes:

  • Review of existing content and high-performing competitor content to identify opportunities
  • Recommendations for optimizations of existing content, and content marketing strategy for your SEO campaign going forward (depth varies by level of audit)

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Back link Analysis – What Other Sites Link to You?

A primary SEO ranking factor is the quantity and the quality of the websites linking to your domain (linking-back which is why they are called “back links”). A back link analysis is performed to assess the power and influence of links coming from third parties into your website, as well as how you treat internal links between your pages.

Almost as important as getting links in 2016 is avoiding bad links. We look for both the good and the bad, and ensure you don’t have anything to worry about.

Backlink analysis includes:

  • Identification and link profile analysis
 of links and social citations currently pointed to your site
  • Competitor analysis and recommended high value link opportunities
  • Recommendations for earning links and authoritative citations going forward (the depth of these recommendations vary by level of audit performed)

Contact us to determine what level SEO Audit is best for your situation and budget

Once our audit is complete, you will have a report highlighting all major SEO opportunities, along with recommended next steps.

Our SEO audits begin at around $1,500, which includes immediate opportunities to implement. Higher levels up to $3,500 and up are recommended depending on the size and complexity of the website, the competitive situation, and the level of depth of the strategy included with the initial contract. Our highest level audits include a full SEO strategy across technical, content, and linking that can be used by your teams to execute against for the coming year.