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The LSEO Design and Development Team has nearly 20 years experience delivering incredible web design and user experience.

Our CEO Kris Jones has worked with some of the leading brands in the world from the NFL and Toys”R”Us to Tory Burch and Dick’s Sporting Goods, while also helping thousands of small and medium-size businesses with everything from user experience web development and design to SEO services to PPC Management.

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The LSEO Web Development and Design Difference!

At LSEO we believe that extraordinary web development and web design is synonymous with professional SEO Services, PPC Management, and Social Media Advertising.

Too many web designers and developers build websites in a vacuum only to later hand the site off to an SEO or digital marketer.

Don’t fall into this trap!

Coordinating your design, development, and digital marketing initiatives will save you money upfront and deliver greater return on your time and investment.

No – you don’t have to hire us to do your web design / development work AND your digital marketing. That’s up to you. However, our work will prepare you for success.

Website Development Company

We have a professional team of highly experienced and skilled website developers that provide a range of website development and design services. LSEO can help you take an idea from idea to reality (full developed and designed end product) OR can take your existing website to the next level.

LSEO has a strong appreciation for performance so all of our websites are designed and developed with performance in mind. We don’t just build websites, we build websites that convert into leads, sales, phone calls, and customers.

We can build websites on any platform. However, our preference for most businesses is WordPress Design as we’ve found it to have a superior content management system to other similar providers. At the same time we can build websites using PHP, JSP, or ASP on any platform. We also offer mobile app development and have participated in the design and development of some of the most popular IOS apps of all time, including French Girls App, iFart, and Beditations.

Web Design Agency

As a premier digital marketing and Web Design Agency we are focused on building websites that are responsive on mobile devices and convert well across mobile and web. Not surprisingly, we also take special care to make sure that LSEO web design services build websites that are mobile-friendly and rank well on Google.

Some of our recent work:

APPEK User Experience Design     ReferLocal User Experience Design

Keep the following 10 “Web Development and Design” Tips in mind when deciding who to hire to build or redesign your website:

(1) Select a company that offers both web design and development alongside proven digital marketing services. You’ll save time and money.

(2) Only build responsive. In today’s “Google Dominated” world your website needs to respond on all devices in a mobile-friendly way. Click here to see if you website is mobile-friendly. If not, LSEO can help.

(3) Strongly consider WordPress. WordPress design and development will make it much easier for you to make ongoing updates to your website.

(4) Find other websites you love before contacting a website design agency or web development company.

(5) Focus on outcome in terms of sales, leads, and revenue. Don’t get caught up in appearance. Assume it and focus on ROI.

(6) Rate your brand on a scale from one to ten. If your rating is below a seven you should consider a rebrand.

(7) Don’t be cheap. Your brand and your website is your business. Don’t devalue your potential.

(8) Don’t hire a friend of a friend’s friend’s kid to design and develop your website – even if they know WordPress. Just don’t do it.

(9) Unless you don’t take your business seriously. Don’t bite on sites like Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace. See (7) above.

(10) Consider if you also need to build a native mobile app.

Contact us at 877-778-1749 for a free consultation or use the form below and one of our user experience design and development professionals will be in touch.