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Facebook is a great medium to target particular audiences and generate views for your website through advertisements. However, sometimes, even if consumers are clicking on your ads and visiting your site, they don’t finalize their purchases, and your business doesn’t get a sale. Mostly this happens when consumers forget about their products in checkout, close out the page, or find a better deal. Many companies experience this problem, but, fortunately, Facebook retargeting is a technique that can resolve it.

This is a form of online advertising that finds and attempts to bring back Facebook users to your site’s online store. When done correctly, Facebook retargeting can entice more customers to follow through with their purchases and ultimately increase your business’s bottom line.

LSEO’s local digital marketing expertise can help your business launch a Facebook retargeting campaign that pushes your company’s brand into the forefront of consumers’ minds. Check out the tips below to learn about what our social media optimization strategies can do for your business.

How to Headstart Your Facebook Retargeting Campaign

It is frustrating when Facebook users click on one of your ads but ultimately fail to make a conversion on your online store. This is especially discouraging when you were able to capture these users’ attention initially with your ads. Want to learn how to get those potential customers to convert so you can increase sales? Here are some of our techniques to kick off your Facebook retargeting campaign.

1.) Reach Audiences Where You Know They’ll Buy

Despite living in such a technological age, many people still don’t feel comfortable with purchasing a product on their mobile devices. Unlike younger generations, older demographics who aren’t always tech-savvy don’t want to worry about their purchase not having gone through. As a result, they’ll close out of your website on their mobile device. Preventing this from occurring will require making additional Facebook ads that are more suitable for a desktop platform.

Start by heading to Google Analytics to discover your company’s mobile conversion rate and how much money your mobile ads receive from visitors. If desktop users significantly outperform your mobile visitors, consider devoting more attention to creating desktop Facebook ads. The reverse is true if mobile Facebook ads are converting more for you.

2.) Remind Visitors of the Products They Were Interested In

Your Facebook retargeting ads should showcase goods consumers previously viewed on your site. This will increase the chances that they will backtrack to your online store and follow through with their purchase. People are more likely to buy an item they recognize than one that is completely new to them. This is the core of Facebook retargeting. An important idea to remember here is that those who return to your site is a sign that they like, know, and trust your brand and its products. Of course, it’s much easier to attract those who are familiar with your company than those who are just hearing its name for the first time. 

Reach new audiences.

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel and a resource that all companies should be using. When you hire LSEO, we will maximize your exposure and ROI on any social platform.

3.) Provide Compelling Reasons for Consumers to Revisit

Sometimes, customers simply get distracted when they visit your site and don’t end up finishing their purchase. Or, they want to check that they are getting the best offer so they go to other sites, which results in them leaving with their items still in the shopping cart. No matter the reason, your business needs to find a way to change consumers’ minds. To win customers back, you can start by offering great deals through discounts. More than likely, customers will come back to your site if they see the price has dropped since the last time they considered buying the product. Your Facebook ads can also guarantee free shipping, gifts, or samples, which can draw consumers’ attention back to your site. 

4.) Create Ads Targeting Your Most Recent Visitors

Your Facebook retargeting ads should specifically focus on retrieving the most recent visitors to your site, especially those who just visited within the past few weeks or months. You want the ads to remind consumers of the items they wanted to buy at one point. You want to discover what goods most intrigue them and then tailor your ads to visitor interests. It is also a good idea to target those who have just made purchases on your site, as they will be more likely to come back and make another.

5.) Make Your Ad Designs Attractive

Part of devising your Facebook retargeting campaign should involve creating ads with unique and eye-catching designs. Take advantage of colors, fonts, images, videos, and animations that not only emphasize your ad’s message but also highlight your brand. However, don’t make your ads cluttered or dramatic, as consumers will certainly appreciate a professional, clean, and simple design.

Following these techniques when launching your company’s Facebook retargeting campaign can help your business lock in its online sales goals by increasing traction to its site.

Impressionable Facebook Retargeting

LSEO’s Facebook retargeting strategies can set up your business for new and enticing advertising opportunities. Don’t let your company become the next victim of customers leaving their products in the shopping cart. Bring those people back into the fold through Facebook retargeting, and watch them, at long last, commit to making purchases in your online store.

From reminding consumers of their recent product interests to providing them with captivating reasons to revisit your site in general, you will not be overlooked. It is also always helpful to keep up with the representation of your site by designing it to appear sharp and sophisticated. LSEO’s Facebook retargeting services will help your customers find their way back to you through tailored advertising on Facebook, a social media platform with more than two billion monthly users.

Interested in LSEO’s expert social media advertising services? You will not be disappointed. Reach out and contact us today to fulfill and satisfy your Facebook retargeting needs, and just watch what happens from there.

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