Google AdWords Swipeable Cards

Google Adwords Price Extensions Swipeable CardsGoogle recently began testing its newly optimized mobile text ads, which include price extensions in the form of swipeable cards. Previously, in July of 2016, Google AdWords rolled out price extensions on mobile devices to display the pricing of up to eight products for advertisers with the highest SERP spot. The price extension was only available in a list form, and only available in English.

With new swipeable cards testing currently underway, users will be able click on cards to be linked directly to mobile landing pages. The interface of swipeable cards is more visually appealing to users and will likely result in more intense bidding wars by advertisers to claim the top mobile advertising spot.

Price extensions, when first implemented, also allowed businesses to place headers and descriptions and various product pricing listings. Just like Product Listing Ads, texted based price extensions will include limited descriptions to better inform users about product listings.

Headers will represent the clickable title for each listing. Headers include, locations, neighborhoods, brands, products, product tiers, product categories, services, service categories, and service tiers. In the AdWords extension menu, businesses will be able to include a header, 25 character description, a pricing option based on a unit per hour, day, or year, as well as a final URL. Price extensions can also be made to include limited time promotions and events.

As price extensions begin to expand, it’s important that AdWords accounts are optimized to include relevant keywords that match search queries. This means organizing ad groups so that product price listings are relevant to searches. If you have only one landing page for different pricing listings than you can set all final URLs for each product to a single landing page.

Headers and descriptions have to be specific to be displayed and give businesses very limited means to insert keywords. AdWords requires a minimum of at least three price listings and a maximum of eight. Google has recommended inserting five or more price listings for better CTRs.

It’s key to note that landing pages are mobile friendly and that site speed is optimized for searchers or your ad will not rank and have its own price extensions option. Price extensions are now also available in 10 more languages and can be listed under different currencies.