Sync Google AdWords Campaigns to Bing Ads

In an effort to capture the market share from Google, Bing has updated its automatic imports to seamlessly sync Google AdWords campaigns directly to Bing Ads. Previously, Bing allowed Google AdWords users to sync their ads to Bing Ads, but it required updating a lot of information, such as ad copy, extensions, and bids. With the new update, Bing will automatically sync AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads under business’s own time timetable without having to manually input any information.

Named “automatic imports,” Bing allows users to sign into their AdWords account and sync directly to Bing Ads. Bing gives users the option of when and how often they can sync their AdWords account. Users will also be able to review their sync data from a previous 90-day period. Bing provides users with an errors folder alerting users to any data that could not automatically sync.

Scheduled updates will allow users to sync data on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. The Import Options tab under the Bing Ads editor will allow you to set up what information you would like to be updated during a sync. This could include everything from ad copy to negative keywords, location targeting, keyword bidding, etc. Users can view their update summary and view which campaigns are set to update. Users can then delete, delay, or make changes to any upcoming updated campaigns.

This is a welcomed move by advertisers seeking to capture specific niche markets that Bing still holds control over. Automatic imports is especially welcomed by advertisers with a tight budget looking to break into Bing’s advertising and user market. It’s estimated that one Bing Ad buy could reach up to 168 million searchers on the Bing Yahoo network. With vertical dominance over the travel, education, and auto industry, the Bing network could provide access to topical niches, which are not as available on Google’s search network.

With advanced location targeting services, device targeting, and an advanced analytics system, syncing your Google AdWords ads to Bing could provide more success depending on the campaign. It should be noted that not all of the information from your AdWord’s account will necessarily be synced to your Bing account, depending on the campaign itself. Yet, for advertisers with a tight budget, this provides immense relief as it ensures that ad campaigns are updated seamlessly across their Bing and Google accounts.

The move by Bing represents an effort to make Bing Ads more attractive to advertisers and to make Bing Ads more competitive with Google’s AdWords. Although Bing was the only search engine to see desktop organic visits grow in 2016, Google continued to dominate mobile organic visits by over 89% of the market share. Bing claims that vast updates are coming to Bing Ads, such as multi-language targeting.