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SEO, PPC, Web Design

“The quality of leads has greatly improved and LSEO is much easier to work with than previous vendors. They produce exceptional results quickly and are in constant communication. Incoming business has tripled within the past five months. The site looks incredible and they’ve done phenomenal work.”

Owner and Attorney, Law Offices of Jason P. Provinzano, LLC


JPP Law was working with a lead generation company in an effort to bring in more quality business for their firm. The previous company was underperforming and JPP needed a change in overall direction and approach. JPP Law needed LSEO to do SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. LSEO started with a full redesign of the website then they took over SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns.

“Prior to working with them, I only had a basic landing page, not a full website. They scrapped the whole thing and redid a full website for me that is much more SEO-friendly. They do some content marketing and management, they also oversee my PPC and work to improve my organic SEO rankings. They draft, brand, and manage LinkedIn and Facebook ads that are incredibly successful.”

Owner and Attorney, Law Offices of Jason P. Provinzano, LLC

Website Redesign

JPP Law previously had an outdated, non responsive website that was performing poorly in both driving quality traffic to their site and converting visitors into real clients. LSEO did a complete overall of their previous site, rebuilt in Wordpress with SEO best practices at it’s forefront.



New Leads Per Month


New Cost Per Lead (Down from $200 Per with Previous Agency)


Total Business Growth

"Call them now; don't second guess or worry about looking elsewhere. I've worked with other vendors, and am a hard person to please. I hold people to a high standard. If I had worked with them first, I would have saved a lot of money and aggravation."

Owner and Attorney, Law Offices of Jason P. Provinzano, LLC

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