Yoast SEO Plugin Optimization

WordPress is one of the most recognized free, online tools to build websites. Building a website can be an intimidating and confusing task, but, rest-assured, the popular and well-respected SEO Plugin Company Yoast provides free templates and plug-ins that help you optimize your webpage and SEO marketing for success.

About the Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most advanced plugins in the world for effectively helping to optimize your website for top organic search ranking. The most appealing feature of this SEO plugin is its snippet editor, which allows users to easily edit and analyze post-titles and meta descriptions in your Google listing.

Optimized titles and meta descriptions – especially in light of Google’s recent announcement that they will allow longer titles and descriptions – is a critical element of professional SEO.

The Yoast Snippet Editor feature allows users to type in specific keywords and show you the density of the keyword in your page content, as well as where it exists in your content webpage. The snippet editor is a great tool for helping you better understand and optimize content for Google. Your goal should always be effective content marketing and Yoast can help.

The SEO plug-in by Yoast also boasts a number of other crucial features that will make your WordPress website successful. For instance, Yoast provides canonical link elements, allows you to filter content amongst multiple categories, conduct permalink cleanup, and prevent noindex pages from showing in your XML sitemap. All of these features are fundamental to proper search engine optimization services.

The Yoast SEO plugin is the most complete, clean and efficient SEO plugin for WordPress users and can make the process of SEO marketing a hell of a lot easier.

Learn how to start using Yoast SEO Within minutes here.

Yoast Google Analytics (MonsterInsights)

MonsterInsights (formerly Yoast Google Analytics) is an effective tool that can be used as a supplement to the Yoast SEO Plugin for purposes Keyword research and monitoring and better understanding the profile of the users that frequent your website.

The MonsterInsights tool also allows you to identify keywords for purposes of pay-per-click marketing (PPC Management).

Yoast Video Plugin and Local SEO

Yoast has a video plugin that registers within Google video search results. It’s only 69 cents and is easily embedded into your webpage. Yoast also features a local SEO plugin to help with local SEO that provides effective tools for creating a clean and easily searchable contact page, among other things. The Local SEO plugin allows you to insert a Google Maps location, company address, hours of operation, and store location in a Google search. For local SEO marketing, this plugin effectively makes it easier to register in local searches and search packs, while making your business stand out within its occupational field.

Yoast News SEO and WooCommerce SEO

Yoast even contains a valuable shopping cart plugin, which can save numerous man-hours trying to write complex code for shopping cart software. Lastly, the Yoast News SEO plugin can also help your content register higher in a Google News search. This plugin creates XML news sitemaps, editor’s pick RSS feeds and allows you to optimize meta news keyword tags.

WordPress just announced that plugins will be more accessible, conforming to WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level aa. For any WordPress user, I urge you to use Yoast to at least help in the development of your webpage. It’s cheap and mostly free and Yoast plug-ins will transform your website from a Windows Vista to a Windows 7. Check out Yoast’s website for access to ebooks on UX and conversion techniques.

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