The capabilities of digital marketing are truly endless. There are hundreds of SEO, paid media, and social media advertising factors that work together to earn customers’ attention. Regardless of what else you are doing in the digital space to earn more business, know that, without content to tell customers what your business is about and to earn high rankings on Google, not much will happen with your digital strategy. This is where content marketing comes into play.

Taking the time to strategize on your content marketing is essential for launching your company into the limelight. What was once a dull and drab webpage can be refreshed with the addition of engaging information about your business’s services and offerings. Product pages, service pages, and ongoing blog posts will help your target audience to recognize what is at the heart of your company.

At LSEO, we understand that content marketing needs to capture visitors’ interests with authoritative, detailed, and relevant articles. The right kind of content, if optimized correctly for Google, will increase customer attention and, ultimately, sales.

Content marketing is something we practice every day, always striving to deliver the best content products to our clients to help them grow their businesses. If you aren’t familiar with the tremendous benefits of content marketing, or if you still aren’t sold on breaking into content marketing for your website, check out the list below of 10 reasons your company needs content marketing.

Your Company Needs Content Marketing

1.) Introduces Your Company

Customers can certainly become acquainted with a company through paid advertisements. However, explaining the facets of your company through content might be a better way to capture the attention of your audience. Custom content can take its time to build up the authority of your company. When potential customers read your pieces, they will start to develop an opinion of your brand. What you want is for them to begin to think of your company as conscientious, trustworthy, and intelligent about your industry. If they enjoy digesting the information on your site, they definitely will be thinking about you if they need something you sell.

2.) Reveals Your Expertise

Your content should make prospective customers fully aware that you are an expert at what you do. Customers want to feel assured that they are dealing with a perceptive, sensible, and well-rounded business. In your content, you should address the challenges that can arise for customers in your industry, while explaining how you can help people to overcome them. The goal is to make readers feel that they can come to you for all the best answers. With peace of mind, they can go forth to make informed decisions, remembering that your business helped them to understand and overcome their problems.

3.) Builds Strong Relationships

As with most areas of life, establishing relationships is critical to creating loyalty and trust. The right kind of content–the type that addresses actual online users’ concerns and presents your company as an expert–will always draw people back for more. Your content should stay up to date on the latest information in the industry. Staying relevant and authoritative will help in your Google rankings and in building trust among your audience. That trust will nurture your relationships with prospective customers, and they will be more likely to work with you if they trust you.

4.) Educates Your Target Audience

When it comes to content marketing, the information you produce should brief your audience on the services you can provide to them. However, it is important to remember not to hard-sell your audience at every turn. Do this rarely, if you have to at all. Instead, your content should educate readers in the diverse topics that apply to your industry. Let people forget about “sales” while you show them how much you know about what you do. Present problems that people commonly experience in your business area. Then, show them how you can solve those problems. This is the way to reach your audience, not through being too eager to sell something.

5.) Generates Conversions 

People spend a lot of time online reading content, and their focus is usually concentrated on brands that stand out to them. This is why developing custom content is essential to ensuring people engage with your work. Use topic-research tools such as Answer the Public or the content marketing toolkit in SEMrush to see what users are searching online. Then, answer those queries in your content. People will appreciate that you have made this effort, and they will eventually learn that they can keep coming back for more relevant content. That relevance will drive conversions, since many people will logically transition from reading your work to inquiring into your products or services and, ultimately, buying from you.

6.) Escalates Engagement

Multiply the number of clicks, impressions, and sales on your site by incorporating content marketing into your business campaign. Potential customers will spend more time on your site if they find beneficial and insightful information about your offerings. If they discover that your web pages have value, they will be more likely to make a purchase. Additionally, if your audience has used your company before, engaging content will increase the chances of them returning.

7.) Improves Brand Recall

Your content strategy is a key opportunity for getting customers to remember you. Make your content memorable by being more detailed, relevant, and authoritative, than your competition. People will remember that kind of content, and if they can instantly recall your company when thinking of how to solve their problem, you’re in a good place. Their minds will go back to your masterful piece on where to find the best physical therapy, interior design, or furnace installation. Another plus is that readers could even spread the word to other possible customers, helping to escalate your sales and extend the reach of your company.

8.) Optimizes Your SEO Efforts 

Content marketing can increase your visibility online, since Google rewards long, detailed, relevant content that users want to see. Use keywords with decent amounts of traffic–as well as some lower-volume, long-tail ones–to signal to Google what your page is about. Then, make sure you use all the proper headings and meta tags for SEO content. Finally, remember to link those keywords back up to your most important service or product pages. If you don’t, then customers who enjoy your content won’t know what to do or where to go next. Direct them to pages that will show them more about what they have just read in your blog post. This internal link structure benefits users and Google, which will follow the links to rank your important pages more highly.

9.) Supports Other Marketing Strategies

Content can also bolster your other digital marketing strategies. From social media to PPC ads and email marketing, there are several other marketing areas that can use your content to get your business in front of your target audience. Content can serve as the main resource from which all these other strategies draw their information. Your paid media ads can use copy from your blog posts, and you can directly share your content through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is where many of your potential customers probably are, so if you engage with people on these sites by sharing content there, you can go a long way toward raising awareness of what you have to offer.

10.) Distinguishes You From the Competition

In the bustling world of digital marketing, your company needs a way to separate itself from the competition. You need to be in the spotlight by showing online users that you offer what can’t be found anywhere else, whether that is superior service, the best prices, or the largest selection. Developing unique content allows you to explain to your website visitors what makes your business special. You may want to round out this type of content by taking some time to look at what your competitors are doing well. Dive into the content on their websites and see what you can do better.

Strategic Content Marketing Services

From supporting your other marketing campaigns to increasing consumer engagement, content marketing is a major SEO tool that can help you reap long-term sales benefits.

LSEO will work with you to develop the type of content that will most profit your business and stand out among your competition. We are committed to developing pieces that inform, engage, and, most importantly, convert.

Contact LSEO today to fire up your content marketing campaign! You will finally have the toolset you require to launch your company into prosperity.

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