LSEO has experienced unprecedented growth and brand ignition in the digital marketing space over the last year. After acquiring a few publicly traded clients and inking a million dollar deal or two, LSEO managed to grow its revenue by over 360% between 2017 and 2018.

LSEO joins a small list of 15 other consultants across the UK and US that were named to Clutch’s exclusive list of top SEO consultants in the industry. Clutch is a third party directory platform with no affiliation with LSEO.

Being led by veteran SEO expert Kristopher Jones, LSEO is a small agency of just under twenty people that delivers big results. With shorthand nominations for both the 2018 LANDYS and 2018 US Search Awards, this continues LSEO’s multi-year run of being recognized as one of the industry’s top SEO agencies.

In order to receive this nomination, LSEO had to establish its market presence and authority as an SEO consultant in the US and UK. This included supplying Clutch with a list of our clients, financial figures, campaign performances, and other internal statistics that were relevant to the category.  

Clutch also interviewed our clients firsthand to verify our credibility, which will be published as a review under our Clutch profile. We are proud to be recognized by Clutch for all of the great work we do for our clients.

This is only the start  and we expect to be awarded this honor year in and year out for as long as LSEO seeks to become the #1 SEO agency in the United States.

For more information about this honor, check out this press release from Clutch.