I started getting regular ads from a certain brand of flour on Instagram, and I’ve come to assume I was the right audience for this because of how often I show interest in The Great British Baking Show or all the recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest I’ve yet to make. Ads for this flour fit so seamlessly into my feed, I’ve liked the posts many times not realizing it wasn’t something a friend has shared. I can say with all honesty that I have never put thought into buying flour, but this brand has worked its way into becoming my favorite.

Another big ad for me is an $80 candle I’ve wanted for some time now. Because it’s more than I can justify spending on a candle, I look at it a lot and then move on, like I’m sure many other twenty-something-year-old women are doing. The more I see it, the more I talk myself into getting it, and I know I’ll inevitably end up getting it in the name of self-care.

The Power of Facebook

Most people log into social media expecting to be able to interact with businesses, which makes it very important to make sure your business is visible. The more people see of a brand, the more comfortable they’re going to be with them.

  • The United States currently has a population of over 325 million people.
  • Facebook currently has over one billion active users.
  • Adults are currently getting around 11 hours of screen time daily.

You could easily triple America’s population and not make up all of the people who are regularly using Facebook. It’s clear that Facebook is not going anywhere soon.  It would be difficult to put together a list of people who aren’t using Facebook. Even people who don’t use are still active on other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Just like it’s expected of our friends to have an active online presence, it’s also crucial for businesses to be active on social media and take advantage of the many opportunities it has.

With the huge number of people using Facebook, it’s no surprise that its beneficial to businesses to make their presence online as noticeable as possible. Putting ads for your business on Facebook could significantly increase traffic to your website. It feels like a very natural addition to social media.

While organic reach for business pages has declined, starting an ad campaign of Facebook can ensure that your business is noticeable. Advertising on Facebook can help you to become a regular part of people’s lives. Having this so readily available to people keeps it fresh in our minds when we see it, whether it be expensive candles or local doctor’s offices.

Custom Audiences

Facebooks ads become even easier when targeted to a specific audience. Most of the time when I see an ad on my feed, I know the reason it’s there. At some point, I’ve done something to seem like ads for flour would be good for me, and I really don’t know the difference from one brand to another, but this brand continuously had content that fit my tastes and I can now say I have a favorite flour brand.

Facebook makes it easy to create a custom audience who would be the most likely people to interact with your ads. Facebook ads can be very targeted, and Facebook provides a lot of resources to take out the guesswork. Targeting a specific audience allows you to put quality over quantity.

Audiences can be fine-tuned to be people in certain age groups, genders, and locations. Delving in even deeper, you can also target audiences based on people’s interests and behaviors, such as recent purchases, app usage, events they’ve attended and pages they’ve liked.

Once you’ve created a custom audience, Facebook can also build a lookalike audience made up of people similar to who’s in your custom audience to help your ad campaign reach more people.


Advertising on social media is significantly less expensive than traditional advertising. Facebook ads can be a great option if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising. Pricing is very flexible depending on what your business is looking for.

While Facebook advertising is fairly inexpensive, you still want to know that your money is well spent. Thanks to resources such as the custom audiences, Facebook provides insights so you can know for sure your ads are the most effective they can be. Investing even a small amount of money in your Facebook ad campaign can end up making a huge difference.

Ad Types

Facebook offers a variety of very straightforward ads to fit exactly what your business is looking for to help you stand out.

  • Link Click Ads
    • This allows users to click an image, call-to-action-button, or a URL to be taken directly to your website.
  • Video Ads
    • Facebook outperforms YouTube in monthly shares and has a better chance of reaching more people, meaning you have a good chance of someone watching your video.
  • Boosted Post
    • By clicking “Boost Post,” you can have your posts reach a wider audience.
  • Carousel Ads
    • Good for when you need to promote multiple products in one post.
  • Lead Ads
    • Lets users enter their information without having to be redirected.
  • Canvas Ads
    • Full-screen ads that are only available on mobile devices.
  • Page Like Ads
    • To help your page get more likes.


Facebook ad campaigns are a crucial part of businesses today. Having a strong internet presence can help ensure that your business is being seen and to gain a loyal following. With how accessible and user-friendly advertising via social media is, there’s no excuse to not take advantage of it to help benefit your business.