Working in an agency, departments work so closely together they start to look  their own kingdoms. It got me to thinking that these teams were waaay more similar to characters from everyone’s favorite show than I am sure any of them would like to admit. Here is our list of digital marketing jobs as Game of Thrones Characters. Also, this article contains slight spoilers, probably. 

PPC- Jaime Lannister   

This is almost too obvious. Like Jamie, the guys and girls get a bad rap sometimes. But it’s not right to judges a book by it’s cover. Yeah they may be the pretty one in the office but many PPC professionals are also the most strategic and intelligent individuals!

 game of thrones nice lannister jamie lannister GIF

SEO-  Jon Snow

It’s no question that you are smart and ambitious, but sometimes people can underestimate your worth. Just when they think you are dead, you find a way to save the day time and time again. Even though they think you know nothing, more times than not, you are there to serve as the leader.

Social Media- Lord Varys

Lord Varys has heard almost every piece of news around Westoros weeks before another else. This would make him the perfect Social Media manager, obvi.  Chances are, he has seen every meme months before you have. Also definitely the king of Twitter with his constant updates from his “little birds” and is the first the spread the latest gossip.

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Content Writers-  Samwell Tarly 

Any content writer that watches Game Of Thrones could probably relate to Sam on a spiritual level. Always reading, writing and possessing the amazing ability to bite his tongue. (My article brain-storms are the best, Carol).

IT/developers- Tormund Giantsbane

Your tech team is probably a bunch of wildlings like Tormund. They may be a little rough around the edges but they are also probably the first the give an awesome complement. Hell, they will probably even pretend that your email issue from this morning WASN’T painfully easy to fix because they are cool like that.

 brienne GIF

Business Development/Client Relations- Tyrion Lannister

Your BD and client relations departments are filled with people like Tyrion . They have a way of speaking that could get them out of shackles (or probably worse, tbh.) Hearing them talk to clients leaves most others in awe. Plus, they are almost always down to drink wine. What’s not love?

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CEO/Executive team – Daenerys Targaryen

Strong, wise and may be on the verge of a panic attack at any moment. It’s no simple task to be a leader but a good one like Daenerys knows how to make their employees feel at ease. Just do us a favor and try not to unleash the fire during a 4pm Friday meeting ok, Khalessi?

 Interns- The Unsullied

They are loyal, dedicated and will probably die for you if you ask them. (Or at they very least, memorize your Starbucks order) Most times, you won’t learn their names before the are gone but together they will become part of your company’s history.

 game of thrones daenerys targaryen khaleesi game of thrones season 3 unsullied GIF

Office Dogs- Dire Wolves

Because, naturally. They are our companions and basically an extension of us. Plus there is probably one or two times when they literally saved our lives.

 wolves GIF