US Search Awards – Paul Rinaldi, Kris Jones, Eric Munley

This past Thursday was the annual US Search Awards in Las Vegas, NV.

Over 300 submissions were received for roughly 25 awards.

LSEO was fortunate enough to be shortlisted alongside the Commonwealth Medical College in two categories – “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” and “Best Search Campaign – Non-Profit.”

As you can see from the images below – WE WON!

It was a thrill to get up on stage in front of over 400 colleagues, including industry luminaries like Chris Boggs, Marcus Tober, Duane Forrester, and Marty Weintraub, and accept the award for 2016 Best Search Campaign – Non-Profit.

US Search Award Winner – Kris Jones, LSEO CEO

The award was given in recognition of work done by LSEO on behalf of the Commonwealth Medical College.

Prior to partnering with LSEO the Commonwealth Medical College used primarily traditional media marketing (TV, billboard, newspaper) to build brand and drive student applications for admission.

LSEO was hired to provide search and social marketing services as part of the initial launch of a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Program at a new campus in Doylestown, PA.

The challenge was great in terms of budget ($35,000) and time (less than 90 days).

The goal was to matriculate at least 12 students who pay approximate annual tuition of $45,000 per year.

The end result was – as you guessed it – a slam dunk for Commonwealth Medical as LSEO was able to help matriculate 23 students with annual projected revenue over $1,000,000.

$35,000 investment (including amount paid to Google and Facebook) with over $1 million in tuition and fees was an extraordinary story and an impeccable display of leveraging digital marketing in conjunction with traditional media to drive response at colleges and universities.

For a full list of winners you can check out the US Search Awards website here –