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When it comes to social media marketing, one platform you need to take advantage of is Instagram. With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. The number of users Instagram has gained is also noteworthy because of how young it is compared to most other popular social media channels. Instagram came a few years after most other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, making it the fastest growing social media platform. 

Seeing a social media platform attract so many users in a short amount of time makes it clear that Instagram marketing is something you need to start utilizing. At LSEO, a digital marketing agency, we can help you create Instagram ads that will appeal to your audience so that you can make the most out of all the platform has to offer. We understand the ins and outs of advertising on social media that can help you get the advertising campaign that you need to reach the right audience and grow your online presence.  

Advertising on Instagram may seem like something that any social media savvy person can manage, but making it effective isn’t so easy. Like with any social media platform, advertising on Instagram can be extremely competitive. On any given day, billions of photos are posted on Instagram. With so much content being posted regularly, it can be difficult to get your ads noticed. This is why you need to work with a trusted Instagram marketing agency like LSEO to get the most out of your advertising efforts. Anyone can create an ad campaign on Instagram, but it takes an expert to make it effective. 

How Instagram Can Help You Succeed

Not only does Instagram have one of the highest numbers of users, ensuring that your audience is on there, but it’s users are also highly engaged on the platform. Out of Instagram’s billion monthly users, about half of that base logs onto the app at least once a day. There’s no doubt that Instagram users are some of the most loyal users out there. An overwhelming majority of the app’s users also follow at least one business account, which makes them the ideal group for anyone to advertise to.

Instagram ads are the perfect addition to your paid media services. Chances are if you’ve looked into social media marketing before, you’ve already started to use Facebook or are at least familiar with it. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world by a significant amount, which means it’s another platform you need to be active on. If this is something you’re already doing, or looking to do, you’re in luck with Instagram advertising. Facebook owns Instagram and advertising on the two very similar, which makes investing in Instagram marketing the natural next step. 

Instagram is extremely visual, which can benefit your business more than any other social media platform. Unlike other platforms that give you the option to create posts using only text, Instagram us entirely photo and video posts. This can seem limiting as to what you can do at first, but it’s what has helped Instagram become so popular and engaging. Compared to posts that only contain text, visual posts like photos and videos are easy for all users to consume quickly. Of course, your posts still need to be well-crafted to catch a user’s eye. By working with LSEO, you can have an enticing ad campaign that with the right audience, will help get you more exposure.  

Those who are unfamiliar with Instagram marketing might be unaware of just how many opportunities they have to advertise themselves on the app. Instagram gives you several different options for ads that allow you to choose the one that can best represent you. This gives you even more ways to customize your ads and take full advantage of all the Instagram has to offer. 

Reach new audiences.

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel and a resource that all companies should be using. When you hire LSEO, we will maximize your exposure and ROI on any social platform.

Photo Ads

Photo ads on Instagram are the standard and you can’t go wrong by choosing them. Your ad can be perfectly placed into someone’s feed, where they might not even notice at first that it’s an ad.

Video Ads

While photo ads are simple and will get the job done, video ads can be even more engaging when done correctly. With an interesting video, it’s easy to get a user’s attention while they’re scrolling. 

Carousel Ads

If you have multiple different products you’d like to show off, carousel ads are the best choice. Carousel ads allow users to interact with your ad and swipe through a series of photos or videos to see several products, services and offers all within one ad.

Stories Ads

Instagram stories give you the chance to quickly make an impression on users. A photo used in a story can be seven seconds long, whereas a video can be 15 seconds. These ads are mixed in with the stories posted by accounts a user already follows, so it can easily catch someone’s attention.

Stellar Instagram Marketing Services

Any successful business or organization understands the value that social media has for its marketing efforts. LSEO knows how to use all the top social media platforms, including Instagram, to help you get the exposure you need. Social media is getting more and more competitive, making the assistance of a digital marketing agency more important now than ever. 

Some trends come and go, but it’s easy to see that Instagram is here to stay. Instagram continues to grow each day, so there’s no better time to get started with Instagram marketing than right now. No matter what industry you’re involved in, our Instagram marketing services can help your business grow and reach new audiences.

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