Our law firm client specializes in Personal Injury claims, along with auto accidents such as trucking, bus, motorcycle, and car crashes in the Kingston, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Philadelphia regions of Pennsylvania.  To remain at top of the competition and garner more clients, the firm needed to achieve higher visibility online, both through organic and paid search, the firm using Google AdWords Pay Per Click for the latter.


The legal professional is a very competitive industry vying for top position in search results, both organically and through pay-per-click advertising. There is a lot of noise when trying to identify a trustworthy search-engine marketing firm – many firms appear to have limited experience working in the legal profession, while others appeared to misrepresent capabilities.

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LSEO experts have been managing competitive organic and paid search campaigns in the legal professional since 1999. The company has managed tens of millions of dollars of paid search ad spend, and have managed to help law firms rank on the top page of Google for competitive terms.

LSEO exhibited a very high level of trust from day 1 by representing a very impressive understanding of the legal profession. Moreover, the company offered very specific guidelines around performance and set reasonable expectations.


LSEO outperformed agreed upon expectations within 90 days of the engagement. After comprehensive keyword analysis including industry-specific and geo-targeted keywords, the primary legal website generated a 200%+ increase in referrals, 50% increase in organic traffic, and nearly tripled mobile traffic.

Results let to increased web and mobile traffic, leads, and open files. After 12 months of management overall firm revenue nearly doubled – attributable to the digital marketing efforts of LSEO.

For organic search (SEO) the law firm was not positioned for many legal profession keywords and key phrases.  The law firm climbed steadily from not ranked in the top 100, and currently enjoys ranking in the top 10 and will over time result in better positions in search engine results.

Example: the law firm was not visible for “attorney kingston pa” in local search engines results. But after implementing best practices, the firm ascended to the number-one position in the Google local pack.