Twitter for Business

Everyone knows that light blue social media platform with a bird logo and the power of its 140-character posts. Yes, we’re talking about Twitter, which launched in 2006 and continues to grow. It’s a personal favorite of many, and without a doubt a valuable tool for any business no matter the size of the company.

Each social platform, from Facebook to LinkedIn, requires its own unique social media optimization strategy for helping exploit your business and marketing.  For Twitter specifically, companies need to begin with branding and visibility.

Twitter Business Setup

When branding on Twitter, a business one should consider three different aspects: profile picture, background image, and bio.

A business’s profile picture can be a logo or a headshot. A logo is perceived to be more professional than a headshot, however, a headshot seems to be more approachable than a logo. The decision at the end of the day is up to the business. Just remember, the Twitter profile picture is the picture that is going to be attached to all of your tweets.

Secondly, Twitter backgrounds are essential for businesses. The background is essentially free advertising space, so be sure to customize it in the best manner for your business.

Lastly, a bio. Writing a targeted bio will help find the customers that are really serious about your merchandise or services. And don’t forget your webpage’s url – point the potential customer to a page with strong marketing, or simply use the homepage.

Twitter Custom Support & Feedback

Twitter provides a platform for customers to gain instant support and feedback. Twitter can be used to help directly respond to customers who have questions or problems.

Some business run teams that their sole goal is to answer questions and to troubleshoot problems for the customers, and communicating with followers is part of their job description. 

Twitter also provides the most optimal platform for customer feedback. Customers will mention you in their tweets when they have something to say about your particular business. As with all feedback, it is important to reply to this feedback even if it is a short reply. The reply is letting your customers know that you are listening to them and encourage customers to continue to offer feedback through mentions.

Twitter Networking

Twitter is a strong platform for networking with other businesses.  Never neglect the chance to start a conversation with them; you do not know where it would lead in the future. With networking to outside companies also comes the opposite, internal communication.

Twitter allows companies to communicate within the walls of the business. One of the most important tips to make Twitter work for your business is to support the other online presences. It’s  is a great channel for communication. However, it is an even better form of communication if it is used in conjunction with Facebook and other social media platforms. With this being said, use more than tweets to get your message across, and more importantly cater to the demographic that you need to reach.

Twitter Posting – How Often and When?

With all social media marketing comes the consistent question of how often and when you should be posting on the social media site. You should be posting often due to the fact that a tweet has a very short lifespan. A tweets’ lifespan is about 18 minutes and does not last longer than a few hours. It is recommended that a business posts at least three to five times a day, however, you don’t need to limit yourself.  Just make sure that your tweets say something your followers want to read.

The last standing question of when to tweet. This answer lies within the times that your followers are on the social media platform. A business’s goal is to post at the time of the day that they will have the highest amount of engagements, and a business can determine this time by setting up an experimental posting schedule.

And remember–never limit yourself. Since Twitter is a “here and now” social media site, if you have an in the moment update do not be afraid to post it.