Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the industry leaders in website and blog construction, and contains a vast library of efficient plugins that will enhance your SEO campaign efforts. Our team of experts present the top 10 Best WordPress plugins–all free in basic WordPress plugin form–that will make your WordPress website faster, better optimized for search indexation, and even more secure.

1. WordPress SEO (Yoast)

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the highest rated SEO plugins available for WordPress. Yoast provides pages and posts with customizable snippets and meta-data, as well as URL redirects for your website and XML site map generation. Yoast also provides comprehensive page analysis and options to fully customize what your website shares with social media. While WordPress is already well designed for search engine indexation, Yoast provides the features necessary to fully optimize your SEO campaign.

2. W3 Total Cache

No serious website can operate in the search rankings without fast load times and a comprehensive content delivery system. W3 Total Cache allows WordPress pages to utilize page and browser caching to deliver users a faster web experience. W3 Total Cache also allows for page compression, progressive rendering and improved server performances via HTTP compression of HTML, JavaScript, and other feeds. Installing W3 Total Cache can result in a 10x better page performance, more conversions, and ultimately more user traffic due to lossless page load out speeds.

3. OptinMonster

OptimMonster is the one of the best WordPress plugins designed to increase your website’s conversions. OptinMonster utilizes “Exit Intent Technology” to understand user behavior and target users with forms at the moment they are about to leave. OptinMonster gives website owners multiple beautiful form types for the highest rate of conversions. This plugin is especially necessary for any WordPress owner who conducts email campaigns as OptinMonster provides A/B testing as well as page level targeting options that allow users to segment email campaigns based on user behavior over their website.

4. Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap is one the highest rated best WordPress plugins and is a valuable plugin, which allows search engines to completely crawl your website from top to bottom. Google XML Sitemap develops a sitemap for your WordPress pages that is added to your Google Search Console and alerts search engines when new content is posted. Google XML Sitemap does not affect site performance and is easy to install.

5. WPforms

Subscribing customers to your service and allowing them to contact you is one of the most efficient ways to drive conversions for your website. WPforms is an easy to use drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to embed and create subscription and contact forms at any point in your website. WPforms is completely optimized to run on any device and gives you instant notifications whenever a lead is generated. WPforms can also be used to collect online payments and provides spam protection.

6. Soliloquy

Downloading Soliloquy to your WordPress website will give you the most advanced, fastest, and most user friendly slider available on the market. The Siloliquy slider is optimized for SEO allowing you to display content, posts, and headings in a seamless and interactive form. Sililoquy’s slider is designed using dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading making it the fastest slider plugin available that doesn’t disrupt site speeds.. Downloading the Soliloquy slider will give your website better visual appeal and provide all of the micro-interactions necessary to give users a fun and fulfilling web surfing experience.

7. Backup Buddy

For any website owner, having added security and backing up your files is necessary if you want to sleep at night. Backup Buddy is one of the most comprehensive best WordPress plugins that is guaranteed to backup your entire WordPress website. Backup Buddy allows you to upload everything from widgets to your themes to your WordPress files and directories into a cloud storage system that will ensure your WordPress site is safe from any harm.

8. Sucuri

Websites can be just as vulnerable as servers and your home computer to any sort of malware attack. Sucuri is another one of the best WordPress plugins that gives your websites firewall protection, real time monitoring, and malware removal tools that will ensure your website is always protected. Sucuri blocks your website from some of the most sophisticated attacks by conducting side server scanning and site audit logs to record all changes made to your website that were unknowingly made.

9. AdSanity

AdSanity is one of the most user friendly ad plugins that will allow your website to customize and display single and group ads. AdSanity allows for customizable ad publishing options which allow your website to display ads for specific periods of times and provides analytics which allow you to track the amount of clicks and views generated from your ads. AdSanity allows website owners to place ads anywhere from sidebars to directly on-page which allows you to customize how ads will effect your user experience. Installing AdSanity on your website could mean an added revenue stream from the ads you wish to display on your website.

10. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is the most sophisticated and beautiful media plugin for WordPress allowing users to display photo albums and embed videos in beautiful formats anywhere on your website. Envira Gallery also comes equipped with deep linking for image and media indexation as well as watermarking and social media share options. Envira Gallery is not just for websites specializing in art media but any website that utilizes images and media to enhance user experience.

We cannot fail to mention that there exist a number of other great WordPress plugins that might be wise for your business to invest in. The Google Analytics plugin is one of the industry leaders in SEM analytics offering website visitor tracking, keyword generation tools, and PPC bidding comparisons amongst keywords.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin allows websites to convert posts and pages into nearly instantaneous mobile friendly search pages that also come with customizable mobile meta-data.

The Floating Social Bar plugin is one of the easiest social bar plugins that allows you insert share options across a limited amount of social media platforms directly into your posts and pages. Each of the plugins can be essential in helping your business to achieve its goals and objectives and optimize its SEO campaign in the process.