Sam Zavada, otherwise known as “Kiwi,” is a Content Marketing Specialist at LSEO. He is a Luzerne County native and 2019 recipient of a B.A. in Mass Communications. While pursuing his degree, Sam worked for his school’s newspaper and radio station and the college writing center.

Sam got his start in the professional world at the Standard-Speaker as a news clerk, where he was predominantly tasked with reading and writing obituaries. He was quickly elevated to the copy editor position and spent over two years in that role. While at the Speaker, Sam wrote an entertainment column called “Modern Lens.” A chance encounter with a Facebook post led Sam to his current position at LSEO.

Sam can be found deep in thought regarding many topics, including but not limited to Kingdom Hearts, the Kansas City Chiefs, cats, his Oscar predictions, the brilliance of Trent Reznor, the meaning of life, and his next vacation.