Phil joins the LSEO team with a long history in eCommerce. A graduate of Kings College in Business, but with a passion for Computer Science, he later enrolled at Bloomsburg University to continue his education in a new field that he believed would be the future. Phil was one of the first to design websites for local businesses. While working with a real estate group, he helped them get their listings online, becoming one of the first companies in Pennsylvania to offer this feature.

While at Bloomsburg, he met with Blue Cross of NEPA, who pursued Phil and offered him a programmer analyst position. It was easy to see Phil’s passion, skills, and attention to detail, leading to him quickly assuming the role of team leader in the claims processing unit. After the Y2K saga, SaaS startup SMGnet was looking for someone to build out and manage the technical support team, so they turned to Phil for help.SMGnet merged with another organization, but during his tenure there, Phil discovered that he had a passion for scaling businesses, which couldn’t have come at a better time because an exciting startup back in his hometown called SolidCactus emerged.

With this new company, Phil applied his knowledge, skills, and hunger for scale to work with Yahoo store owners for a SaaS Order Management solution. He quickly built out the department, creating numerous positions that added value to the Solid Cactus offering. After getting a first-hand look at Phil’s success and commitment to getting better every day, Solid Cactus moved Phil closer to the revenue stream where he could significantly impact its bottom line by making him the Vice President of Sales. In this role, Phil put together the team and the process that allowed it to grow to over 300 members. While at Solid Cactus, Phil realized that being a subject matter expert on eCommerce businesses’ ecosystems wasn’t enough. What set his team apart was the time they spend building relationships and adding value in places that other agencies weren’t.

Phil took this new knowledge with him to OrderMotion and became responsible for half of their customer base at the time. During this time, Phil worked with enterprise companies and front-end solution providers, quickly growing his knowledge by working with companies like Franklin Mint, Everlast Worldwide, Ghirardelli Chocolate, VF Corp, and Pearl Jam’s Ten Club.

Phil has advised eCommerce companies in all sizes and verticals, from Mom and Pops to enterprise-level companies, for most of his career. He brings years of experience and an expansive skillset with him to the LSEO team. His history in the industry and his experiences along the way are assets to the LSEO team and all of the clients he touches. Phil is all about rolling up his sleeves and putting in the work, but the same drive that leads him to eCommerce has also put him in the wind in life. If you couldn’t tell by the beard and build, Phil is a Harley Rider and traveled all over the US on both coasts on his bike. Phil’s idea of the perfect vacation would be riding the Tennesse Twisties and the Blue Ridge Parkway while enjoying the Great Smokey Mountains.