Snapchat for Business

Social media has all of its bases covered with the different applications currently available. One of the newest to garner traffic is Snapchat, a mobile photo-messaging app. As one of the fastest growing social networks, Snapchat is an application that can be useful for a business’s social media strategy.

Snapchat allows users to take photos, videos and type messages that last around 10 seconds, or until it is exit by the viewer, then the “snap” disappears to never be viewed again. 

Today with the reportedly 100 million monthly active users on snapchat, there is no reason to not take advantage of this business opportunity–especially since it is the key way to reach the younger audiences (12-34).

Just like all social media sites, it’s how you take advantage of the opportunities to push your company further into accomplishing its goals. For example, if your company is hosting an event like first night for college basketball or a fashion show for fashion week, Snapchat is a great way to get your company the leverage that you need.

By covering these events through your Snapchat story, a 24-hour event, you are giving them direct access to your particular live event wherever they are in the world. Another idea to help your business is to give your Snapchat “friends” a preview of your products.  Snapchat provides businesses the opportunity to tease its fans with new products. Because the images only last a few seconds, it’s an opportunity to create buzz around a new product that is yet to be released.

For further brand building, let your customers see the company beyond the products. This allows businesses to show off its culture and what separates the business from others. 

A smart tactic is to have a trusted employee control uploads for a few days of in-office activity; this will add variety and flavor to the Snapchat stories that you are putting out. While still maintaining a professional demeanor, have some fun with the content that you are creating.

Remember, most of your followers are going to be within the younger generations (12-34). Give them the fun that they want to see throughout the stories. Show your fans the office birthday party or the company outings; it makes it a more personal experience for them to really get to know the brand and culture of the business.

Tell your brand’s story with daily smaller uploads, especially video. All social media platform videos should be brief, and the same goes for Snapchat. It’s something that is checked during a break from work, waiting in line, or even sitting in class, so make it quick and enjoyable. With snapchat having the 10-second limit, the content is brief to begin with, however, you can make multiple clips and string them together to make a story that a fan can watch all at once when they have the time to do so.

Snapchat is also an optimal platform to highlight incentives. Providing incentives to snapchat fans will make them more likely to purchase a product from your company. Incentives may include contests, perks or promotions. For example, you can offer a perk or a promotion code for anyone that is to take a screenshot of something that they liked during the snapchat story.