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Social Networks Provide an Opportunity to Connect with Hundreds of Millions of Users – LSEO helps you maximize the social media channel to drive response! Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have dramatically and forever changed the way people connect with your business.

People look to social networks for recommendations. Where to shop. Where to eat. A reliable plumber to fix a broken pipe. Places to see and must-stop wineries on a 6-day road trip through Northern, California. The opportunities to connect your brand message and product or service with consumers is endless.

The fact is that consumers leverage social networks for social proof before making final decisions.

The connection points are endless making it imperative that your business must have a social media strategy that effectively (1) builds audience, (2) develops and deploys value-added content, and (2) connects your brand message with prospective customers. More on this below.

The sheer size and scope of the social media opportunity is extraordinary.

For instance:

  • Over one (1) billion log-in to Facebook every day.
  • Nearly 1.6 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis.
  • 91% of millennials (ages 15 – 34) use Facebook.
  • 72% of adults use Facebook on a monthly basis.
  • 31% of US senior citizens use Facebook.
  • By 2019 DMR predicts that there will be nearly 170 million users in the United States, while usage in Canada and other countries as a percentage of the population is even great.
  • Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users
  • Twitter has over 320 million monthly active users
  • Pinterest has over 100 million monthly active users

Standing on the sidelines isn’t an option.

Reacting when it become too late won’t work.

If you are serious about leveraging mobile and Web to grow your business you need to make the appropriate investment to dominate relevant social media channel(s).

At LSEO we believe there are three (3) key components of an effective social media strategy:

(1) Audience Growth – The size of your audience matters. A lot. If your audience is too small you won’t be able to deliver messages that drive response. You need scale. Scale (size) will drive organic growth and engagement. LSEO uses a one, two punch of organic and paid social media marketing strategies to maximize the size of your audience, which lays the foundation of your social media strategy.

(2) Content Marketing – Social media requires that you consistently engage your audience with interesting and useful content. You get to control the conversation. Social media is not a one-way channel – you need to give. When you are done giving you need to give more. Then more.

LSEO recommends no less than a 5 to 1 content marketing strategy. Give away 5 pieces of fabulously valuable content before ever – and we mean ever – ask for something in return. The goal CAN NOT be to sell, sell, sell. It won’t work. Instead, LSEO can help you deploy a content marketing strategy that consistently delivers value. Great content engages your users, educates them, entertains them, or otherwise inspires them to want more.

(3) Engagement – People like, comment, and share great content. Content is king. People also respond to contests, Q & A’s, infographics, and other creative high touch content. Importantly, social media is an extension of customer support and should be viewed as the optimal medium to quickly answer customer questions and deliver satisfaction. The single best way to diffuse a bad customer experience is to be omnipresent on social media. LSEO deploys various organic and paid strategies to help you drive social media performance.

Reach new audiences.

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel and a resource that all companies should be using. When you hire LSEO, we will maximize your exposure and ROI on any social platform.

Growing Your Social Presence

All of the major social networks allow businesses to build a social presence and engage with customers. However, your reach is directly determined by the size of your audience and how you deliver messages to your audience. Don’t be confused. Opening an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram is FREE. However, the size of your audience directly determines how many people will see your messages.

All of the major social media networks offer ad platforms to help you grow the size of your audience. The larger the size of your audience the more prospective customers that are likely to see your message. However, depending on your market size (local, regional, national, global) and industry (retail, legal, travel, finance) you may need to “seed” your social media presence with an audience large enough to generate response. LSEO can help you grow your audience leveraging Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Instagram Ads in order to broadcast your message to as many people as possible. In the last 12-months LSEO has managed millions of dollars on social networks resulting in millions of dollars in commerce, app installs, and leads.

Creating and Sharing Value-Added Content

The single most effective way to organically build your audience on social networks is to share valuable content. In its most simple form, great content delivers value in and of itself. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing where the focus is on features and benefits, content marketing is indirect in its messaging. Value-added content educates, informs, entertains, solves problems, and / or helps someone in a beneficial way.

Content marketing requires a considerable allocation of expertise and resources.

LSEO has a team of professional designers, copywriters, and content marketers to help you develop, deploy, and manage content opportunities.

Extending Your Broadcast and Generating Engagement

Nobody comments on boring, one-way content. People respond to inquisitive questions. Contests. Entertaining content. Humorous content or content that makes you smile. Startling content. Sincere content. Educational and “how to” content. Content that directly answers burning questions.

Generating comments, likes, and shares amplifies your message and reach.

One way to extend the reach of your message is to pay Facebook or Twitter to “boost” your content. “Boosting” works if you share value-added content – not so much, regardless how much you pay if you aren’t pushing great content. A second way to extend the reach of your content is to share great content on a regular basis.

LSEO has developed a proprietary strategy to help you amplify your message through paid and organic strategies and we are here to help you improve your social media optimization.

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