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Facebook is far and away the most popular social media platform, with more than 2.3 billion monthly users. People love the site’s easy navigability as it allows them to view, share, and comment on the photos, videos, and other activities of their friends.

With so many people present on Facebook all the time, it should come as no surprise that the site has become a hot platform for advertising. Over the years, businesses large and small have prospered from Facebook advertising. The massive audiences that can be found on Facebook ensure that potentially millions of eyes will see the ads you post to the site. But only the right kinds of advertisements directed at the right audiences will get noticed and have the potential to translate into conversions.

Luckily for digital marketers, Facebook makes it easy to discover which groups of users are the most likely to respond positively to an advertisement’s message. Targeting specific Facebook audiences with your ad campaigns is the only way to stay relevant amid the thousands of other advertisers vying for those same audiences.

LSEO’s social media optimization specialists learn about your commercial intentions and, most importantly, your audience before designing a Facebook advertising plan for your business. Only by tailoring your Facebook ads to customer interests and habits will your website earn those coveted impressions, clicks, and, ultimately, sales.

Launching Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

For the uninitiated, navigating the landscape of targeted Facebook advertising can be difficult at first. You must break into a sea of competitors when you’re just starting, but knowing how to do even that takes some know-how and ingenuity.

LSEO makes the process of Facebook advertising straightforward and easy. Check out the following techniques for creating a successful Facebook ad campaign for your business.

1.) Tailor Ads to Your Audience

Your optimum audience will vary depending on your business’s products and services. If you’ve done your market research into who tends to buy what you sell–and who historically has bought your products or services specifically–then you must make your Facebook ads appeal to your audiences.

So, how do you know how to target certain audiences on Facebook? The social media giant provides digital marketers with analytics data about users and their behavior. Advertisers can create relevant ads based on this information.

The Facebook ads manager tool allows advertisers to narrow down audiences by state, locality, or zip code. The demographics section allows ad specialists to focus in on factors such as age, gender, income, and marital status. Interests are another area of Facebook analytics information. These are helpful because they provide insight into what consumers like and dislike online. Meanwhile, the engagement section has intel on what consumers like, comment, share, and follow on Facebook.

It is not unusual for a business’s ads to appeal to more than one set audience, so be sure to include as many groups as you find necessary.

2.) Ensure Your Ad Copy and Visuals Are Just Right

One of the basics of Facebook advertising is to create professional and enticing ad designs. Leveraging clean and appealing fonts, texts, color schemes, and visuals ensures that more sets of eyes will linger on your advertisements and not your competitors’. But remember not to go overboard, since ads that seem cluttered will only confuse and distract consumers from the message you want to convey.

Of course, the cleanest, most attractive ad design will mean nothing if it is not driven by the substance of a clear advertising message. If your consumers are unaware of your company’s purpose, it won’t matter if you have a product that appeals to them, as they could easily go somewhere else to buy it. No one will want to invest in an item if they believe the advertisement is puzzling or being manipulative.

Ad design also encompasses visuals. As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, that is all you need to develop a striking advertisement. A strong visual projecting your business’s brand can leave a memorable impression on consumers. It is crucial not to forget that your company’s intended message for the ad should correspond with the visual being used. Otherwise, this will make Facebook users less likely to click, and all the money and time spent on developing the advertising will be wasted.

Reach new audiences.

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing channel and a resource that all companies should be using. When you hire LSEO, we will maximize your exposure and ROI on any social platform.

3.) Incorporate a Call to Action

Undoubtedly, Facebook users will be less likely to click on your ad if it does not feature a call to action. Calls to action invite ad viewers to do something, such as “Buy Now” or “Learn More.” An ad’s call to action should be an easily identifiable goal or objective for your ad, and users should be able to tell instantly what it is.

For example, is your business trying to generate awareness, attract leads, or sell a product or service? Having no apparent message makes it challenging for customers to know what to do when they view your ad. And in this case, one fact is for certain: user confusion is highly unlikely to generate a click or sale. For a Facebook ad’s call to action, remember that simpler is often better.

4.) Keep it Short, and Lead with Value

To the last point: it can be tempting to try to overflow your Facebook ad with information. After all, you are trying to sell goods and services to potential customers. You understandably do not want to sell yourself short.

But remember that keeping your text concise and minimizing jargon will be more effective in the long run. People reading your ad should be able to understand who you are and what you want from them.

Leading with value is important, as well. You should convey to consumers how they will benefit from purchasing your goods or services. You need to convince customers that you can meet their needs. This will also keep them coming back once they take that initial step.

5.) Get Some Perspective

Unsure of how effective your ads truly are? This is understandable, given that business owners live and breathe their brand every day, and their perspectives can sometimes get a little stale.

An easy way to test your Facebook ads is to view your ad copy from a Facebook user’s point of view. How would you feel about the ad if you were a user? Does it make sense to you? Does it grab and hold your attention? You might find this exercise useful in developing and brainstorming new ideas for future ads.

Another strategy for learning how to craft the perfect set of Facebook ads is to run a few ads at the same time. Each ad can have the same image, but with different copy. Or play around with the visuals to see how they perform with various groups. Doing all this will show you how different messages resonate with different audiences. Check to see which ads get the most likes, comments, and conversions. Then, build even stronger ads from there.

Innovative Facebook Advertising

LSEO’s social media optimization services help our clients to stay relevant in the competitive world of Facebook advertising, and Facebook is certainly a platform where you need to stand out. Think of the site’s more than 2.3 billion monthly visitors, and then imagine capturing even a small fraction of their attention for yourself. If you are looking to get into paid media advertising, Facebook ads deserve all your focus.

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