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As a leading mobile app development agency we have built mobile apps for some of the most downloaded mobile apps in the world. One of the things that makes LSEO different than all other app developers is that our mobile app development company (APPEK Mobile Apps) and digital / mobile marketing services company (LSEO) are all under one roof – our teams collaborate to provide you with unprecedented insight into how to build successful mobile apps that not only look great, but also drive lots of downloads.

Helping You Build Your App

IOS - Android - Windows - Blackberry Mobile App Development

We can help you build your app (small to enterprise) on IOS (Apple), Android (Google), Windows (Microsoft), and Blackberry (yep, it still exists).

We follow a very customer-first process. We no not take a “kitchen sink” approach to mobile app development (like most other app developers) where we encourage you to include every possible feature possible so we can increase the cost of the app. That’s hogwash and you should stand for it.

Our customer-first process is led by an experienced project manager that will help you capture the most important features of your app and depending on your goals will help you move toward a prototype (also referred to as a “minimally viable product”) so that we can get your app in the hands of users who can give you (and us) feedback about what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want. We use this feedback to build you a world class mobile app – and get this – we help you manage cost by helping you minimize features upfront so that users can help you achieve product-market fit.

We have an extraordinary design team with deep expertise building exceptional mobile app user experience. We are experts at user interface design and we won’t stop designing until we get your full and unfettered “that’s awesome.” That’s our design commitment to you.

As part of the mobile app development process we follow a four step process:


(1) Capture

  • We work with you closely to identify key features of your app
  • We coach you on what users love most about other similar apps so that your app succeeds
  • We set and help manage expectations

(2) Design

  • We present wireframes and help you visual what your app will look like to users
  • We take your brand and activate it. That means we don’t believe in simply accepting your design suggestions, but we take your design suggestions and we use our experience and help you energize your brand. Our goal is to get users really, really excited about your brand and your app. Period.
  • We never stop designing until you’ve said “that’s awesome”

(3) Deploy

  • We push your app to the respective app stores (not rocket science, but an LSEO / APPEK pushed app speaks volumes based on our proven history building apps that have received millions and millions of downloads and have been covered in every major media outlet everywhere)
  • Our expertise lends itself to deploying your app so that it is app store optimized (referred to as “App Store Optimization” or ASO for short)

(4) Growth

  • We are mobile app marketing experts. We will present you will multiple organic and paid options to drive significant downloads for your app
  • Our apps often get featured in app stores. Featured apps gets more downloads.
  • We will be by your side every step of the way

Questions at this point? Call us at 877-778-1749, keep reading to learn how we can help you monetize your app, or scroll below and fill out the contact form.

Helping You Monetize Your App

We are one of the few app development companies in the world to offer both mobile app development and mobile app marketing under one roof. Our development and marketing teams collaborate to save you time and dramatically increase the likelihood of your success.

App Store Optimization

Helping you monetize your app starts with effective and proven App Store Optimization (ASO).

The App Store Optimization process includes careful analysis of the keywords that users are likely to use when searching for an app like yours – we use the intelligence we gather to help you write effective copy, select appropriate images (and / or video), and get you ranked high organically in app store search results and ultimately higher in the overall rankings.

We are on top of new opportunities, such as Google App Indexing that will provide you an advantage over other mobile app marketing companies.

Paid Installs

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offers powerful paid install programs. Are you familiar with how to drive installs at the lowest price possible? Are you prepared to understand (we’ll coach you) how to pay less for an install than you make within your app?

LSEO has been offers paid mobile app install management for several years and we have saved our clients millions of dollars that they would have wasted by not understanding the nuances and complexities of running effective paid install campaigns.

We don’t believe in simply paying for installs to pay for installs. We like to pay for installs when we can help you make more than you invest and when we can leverage paid installs to help drive ranking in App Stores. There is a special formula whereby once you achieve a certain number of overall installs the organic algorithms on IOS and Android kick in resulting in compounded, exponential growth of installs.

Public Relations

You’ve got a brand new, well-designed, beautiful app. Now what?

We build apps that get mentioned in the press.

In fact, in the last 24 months alone our apps have been featured or covered on CNN, Headline News, Fox News, Fox Business, Comedy Central, E! Entertainment TV, MTV, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, and dozens and dozens more.

We also have connections to celebrities and social influencers. Support or endorsements from celebrities and social influencers doesn’t work for all apps, but it does for most and we can manage every aspect of the process.


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