LinkedIn for Business

linkedin for businessLinkedIn is a network that reaches around 65 million businesses professionals who reside all over the world. This social media platform is a valuable resource for career and business professionals to network, find resources, get support, and build relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners.

However, LinkedIn contrasts in one particular way to most social media sites, and that has to do with friends and or followers. With LinkedIn, it’s all about building strategic friendships—quality over quantity. In fact, once you have reached a certain amount of “friends” or “followers” on LinkedIn, you are no longer informed about the number that you have. Your business should be concerned with the quality of people and businesses that you are connecting with not the quantity.

LinkedIn relationships are all about one thing–creating connections that will help grow your personal brand and business. Quality business relationships will help businesses complete their goals and objectives. Another way that LinkedIn contrasts with other social media sites is in its advertising; it does not have as much advertising as say Facebook.  

There are two ways of marketing on LinkedIn. The first way is passive, the second aggressive.

LinkedIn Passive Marketing

Passive marketing through LinkedIn can pay off for businesses in multiple ways. To start, it gives you the exposure to people that are hunting for products or services.

LinkedIn’s search features are similar to Google’s; they allow products and services to be found. LinkedIn’s search feature is a well-used feature throughout the platform. Another way that passive marketing can pay off is by getting your business introductions to other businesses.  These introductions are crucial due to the fact that they are mostly to business that without this social media platform the business would not be able to reach.

The last way that passive marketing through LinkedIn can benefit a company is by displaying your recommendations from others on LinkedIn.  Recommendations consist of word-of-mouth testimonials to you and your business. They provide your business with the credibility that you want and therefore leading to people wanting to do business with you as well.

The other way to market on LinkedIn is through aggressive marketing . With aggressive marketing you want to post regular status updates. In these status updates you want to talk about your company.  Discuss what you are working on and who you are working with. However, the most important part of status updates is that they include updates and statuses that are of interest to the demographic that you want to reach.

Most businesses want active group participation. In order to do this, businesses should join groups that are related to your business and interests. Within these groups you should participate in discussions that can help lead you to be an expert in your field.

However, you don’t want to spam these groups; this could lead to you being kicked out and ruining your company’s reputation. Within the groups you should also send messages and invites to those that are within your network as well to other group members. However with all things you do not want to spam them with information because that can lead to your businesses reputation to be ruined.

LinkedIn Aggressive Marketing

Another way to be aggressive with marketing is to answer questions. When you log in click “more” then “answers” and see if you can provide an answer for a question. This will establish you as an expert and give you the credibility that you need for it. Also, others are probably looking for the same answer and they will notice you.

Next, businesses should try LinkedIn advertising. The prices for advertising on LinkedIn are relatively still a bargain, and from time to time they send out offers for a free month of paid advertising. Therefore, all companies should take advantage and see if it is something that works for your particular business.

The last way for aggressive marketing is to consider upgrading to paid LinkedIn membership. This opportunity gives you the additional contact options and other benefits that make a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish.

LinkedIn for Business: Concluding Thoughts

With all social media you want to make the most of the experience for your business. The first thing to remember is that communicating with people within the network is no different that communicating with them outside of the network. Businesses need to build a value with clients, suppliers, and potential customers or partners to develop trust within them to make your company grow. Next, make sure that every connection you make is made with a purpose.

These connections should be linked with the goals and objectives that the company has set in order to grow now and in the future. Lastly, businesses want to segment their connections. Within LinkedIn you are able to segment your contacts by tagging them to specific folders. The key to success with LinkedIn is to ensure that your communications are targeted and personalized to each individual that you are connecting with on the social media platform.