Over 5,000 attended the annual Google Marketing Live event on May 14th and 15th. The event was also livestreamed for the first time, with more than 8 hours of footage still available to be watched on demand. During the two-day event, marketers and advertisers got an abundance of information regarding Google’s new products and the latest trends that will shape marketing going forward. Industry leaders from some of the top companies in the world gave talks on topics like brands focusing on inclusion and the need for mobile sites.

By far the main focus of the event for 2019 was Google Ads and the importance of discovery. A few key takeaways from the event were some of the new products that were announced.

Discovery Ads

Google's new Discovery Ads place ads directly in YouTube results.

Via Google

Starting later this year, Google will be introducing ads into its Discover feed in mobile browsers. Machine learning over time will help show relevant ads to targeted audiences. A Google study shows that 76% of customers like getting unexpected discoveries while shopping.  Ads will also appear on YouTube’s homepage feed and on the Gmail promotions tab to help reach a wider audience.

Gallery Ads

Gallery ad for running shoes.

Gallery ads will be shown at the top of search results on mobile devices and are expected to increase user interaction with ads. A carousel of four to eight visually compelling images will allow users to swipe through and give marketers the opportunity to use a more creative ad format.

Local Campaigns

To help improve traffic to local brands and companies, Google will be rolling out new enhancements for local campaigns. The new improvements will make enable businesses to highlight when it’s on someone’s route on Google Maps or have their business show up in the suggestions for the area someone is looking at on Google Maps. Local campaigns will also make local actions like calls and directions to your business more accessible to businesses that don’t have store visits measurement enabled.

Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase shopping ads have been available since 2016 in search results. These ads have made it easy for consumers to find specific items based off of broader search terms. Showcase shopping ads will soon begin to show up on the Discover feed, Google Images, and on YouTube.

Bumper Video Ads

With more and more marketers looking to create video ads, Google has helped make it easier with 6-second Bumper ads. Since not every business has the resources to make a compelling video in 6 seconds, Google announced that it will it’s Bumper Machine will be a simpler way to edit and create Bumper videos.


Google Marketing Live made it clear to everyone following along that they’re moving their focus toward creating targeted ads that give consumers the most convenient shopping experience possible. Leveraging machine learning to study user behavior will also be used to show users more relevant ads that entice clicks and earn advertisers money.

These recent changes will give marketers the opportunity to use ad formats that are more creative than in the past. Ads now will have to be more visually appealing and engaging for mobile devices. As these changes happen, marketer’s will also need to anticipate the needs of users. The buyer’s journey is no longer linear and is constantly evolving. It’s crucial to stay on top of the needs and interests of users to stay competitive and relevant.