Email Marketing Tips

Ezines, cyberzines, or eNewsletters refer to email marketing campaigns that businesses use to sell products and services to their customer base via email. But basically they are all newsletters that should be part of your content marketing strategy.

Email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy because it can help grow your brand, keep customers up to date on what’s happening at your business, and is more cost effective than traditional advertising methods.

You may be thinking that people are sick and tired of the constant barrage of emails they receive from every company they’ve ever purchased from, but email marketing still holds numerous benefits for your business and even your customer base.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

While paid marketing services have costs associated with them, email marketing campaigns save you a lot of paper and advertising space costs that are associated with traditional marketing methods. In fact, if your e-newsletter reaches enough people this allow you to open up space for advertisements, which presents an opportunity for a steady revenue stream.

The main benefit of email marketing campaigns is the increased brand recognition associated with it. Customers already familiar with your business want to know the latest products you are updating. If they themselves are not going to buy your newest catalogue of products they may refer or forward your newsletter to a friend or family member increasing your brand’s reach.

This increases your brand’s credibility as well, showing your constant innovation as a company and showing off your cutting edge products, articles, or services. The opportunity for a joint venture, media interview, or even a public engagement to talk about your business’s latest news and services could arise if the right person comes across one of your ezines.

Mailchimp & Robly

Mailchimp and Robly are two email marketing services that make designing and subscribing to an e-newsletter very streamlined and easy. Mailchimp is the most well-known on the market and is incredibly easy to build an account with. Mailchimp is free for businesses that have less than 2000 subscribers and provides free interactive tools that allow you to create custom e-newsletter templates.

Mailchimp partners with SqaureSpace forms which make it easy for user to subscribe and Mailchimp allows you to sync your shopping cart with your newsletter. Mailchimp also provide sound analytics tools which allows you to track you’re amount of subscribers and A/B testing which can show you the open rate of two different emails with different subject lines.

Mailchimp’s paid service is $10/month for unlimited emails up to 500 subscribers and a further $5/month for every 500 subscribers added, but does allow you to promote advertising space or your e-newsletter.

Robly, on the other hand, is a new startup that uses many of the cutting edge features that Mailchimp uses to create effective and timely e-newsletter campaigns. One of the most striking features of Robly is Robly AI, which sends emails one at a time to users at periods when they are most likely to open their email.

Robly also resends email campaigns 1-5 days later to subscribers who haven’t opened your email under a different subject line. Robly applies to the mobile platform and renders its emails across desktop and mobile displays and provides analytics testing that organizes and separates mobile subscriber activity from desktop user activity.

Robly has three different pricing options, including a standard package of $15/month per user, a professional package of $29/month, and an ultimate package for $79/month. The costs of both Robly and Mailchimp are incredibly cheap and worth using for any email marketing campaign.

How to Create a Good Newsletter

The first step is to build your subscriber base. Social media is the perfect tool for this as you can invite people to sign up for your newsletter on a Facebook post, a tweet, or even at the bottom of a blog post or product description on your native webpage.

As much as you want to get the word out about your email marketing campaign, you also want to drive subscribers back to your website by including a link in your emails or providing links to your Facebook or Twitter account. This will benefit your SEO campaign as well and drive more revenue for your website. Promotions and contests provide perfect means to engage your subscriber base directly and have them share your ezines with other people.

When creating an e-newsletter you want to have content that is engaging, informative, and emotional. Don’t be afraid to experiment with videos, provide behind the scenes stories and footage, and some good pictures that will show off your new products and services.

It’s important to write for your subscriber base like a human and not a robot. Be emotional and ecstatic about the new catalogue you’re releasing or the new blog post you are shopping around.  The benefits of email marketing campaigns are still fruitful and it’s foolish not to engage in one in today’s day and age.