Out-of-the-Box Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing StrategyAre you stumped for a content marketing strategy? Don’t worry–you’re not the only one. When you need to find fresh and unique ideas, digital marketing can sometimes be tricky.

To get the most, take a step back and do three things: analyze what is working, what is not working, and the trends that are happening within your industry.

Below are five out-of-the-box content marketing tips that can unclog those mind blocks:

1. More Videos

As we live in an age of “binge-watching,” the more videos you have use, the better. The giant technology company Cisco predicts that by the end of 2016, about 70% of digital traffic will derive from the latest fad of internet video “binge-watching.”

An advantage is that videos do not require a specific length–they can be as long or a short as you want. The important thing is that your marketing message is delivered. Also, take note of on-page time on video pages vs standard text/image pages. Videos keep visitors engaged, increasing the possibility of conversion. 

2. Run a Contest

Who doesn’t love a contest? A contest is another way to efficiently build conversions and revenue. To help you with these online contests, platforms exist such as “Shortstack,” which will allow your company to quickly build the contests that will in turn maximize the potential of conversions. From a consumer’s point of view, contest and sweepstakes are a fun and interesting way to get engaged with the a company’s brand or product.

3. Quiz Them

A fair majority of people love a good quiz. Quizzes ranging from what state you should live in, to who you would most likely get arrested with, are always circulating online. About 82% of people who see the quiz on their social media feed are going to take the quiz, and of those 82% of people about 75% of people who start a quiz will finish it. Let’s say that each quiz takes about three minutes to complete. That is three minutes when a potential customer is interacting with your company, product and brand. There is potential for further brand exposure when quiz takers discuss the results, and share it with friends via social media.

Instagram for Business Essential Tips4. Use Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Snapchat is something that all business should look into, especially those seeking interaction with a younger generation. With the ability to post pictures, videos and send chats. Snapchat allows you to get your product, service or company out to the youngsters of the world.  Same goes with Instagram stories, which is fairly new and continues to garner traction.

Post the same stories across Snapchat and Instagram to reach a larger audience. Both stories last 24 hours. With this being said, the 24-hour limit allows it to be the perfect amount of time to cover an event or conference that your company or business is attending.

From a consumer’s standpoint, it was engaging for a few LSEO team members to watch the Fashion Week stories from all around the world, both backstage and on the runway, along with college basketball’s opening night. With these stories being available for the followers for 24-hours, it allows them to be at the event without physically having to be there.

5. Tip of the Day/Question of the Week

Posting a tip of the day or question of the week increases engagement, and is one of our favorite content marketing tips.  A question of the week may highlight a frequently asked question from your customers. To do this you want to keep track of the questions that your customers are asking you throughout the week, then take the one that had the most questions and post that one.

For a tip of the day, post something every day that can be helpful to those that follow you. They can be a silly tip or something that seriously has to do with your company, product or service.

These five unique content marketing tips should help get you out of that rut.  They can also help your company stand out from the others.